Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Okay, I'm Asking!

Lots of great comments on my last post, When Is It Okay to Ask?

A couple of the commenters volunteered to share their own salaries, with a bit of contextual info:

I'm 37 and married. I make $97k as a sofware test engineer. Living in San Francisco bay area.

I am a 26 year old, engaged homeowner. I live in Auckland, New Zealand working as a Research and Development chemist earning $55,000. (I assume that is in NZ dollars-Madame X)
I've written about my salary here before-- I'm in my late 30s, working in publishing in New York City, and my total income this year will be approximately $100,000 including salary and bonus.

So that is 3 of us... now everybody else, bring it on! Feel free to comment anonymously, but let's hear how much you earn and a little bit about who you are, where you live, and how you earn it.


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Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys make a lot of money.

single female, 35, Bay Area, software support, 55k.

no credit card debt, finishing the car loan in a few months, 12k student loan debt (master's degree which is related to the people who use our software), almost 80k in retirement savings and a 5k e-fund. needless to say, I rent :)

Anonymous said...

Single Female, 27, M.S. in Software Engineering in SF Bay Area.
Software QA Engineer - $75K salary + 0-2K bonus. Not much vacation but awesome job (liking what I do is worth a lot to me).
Mooch off parents, rent free. Saving for other things like new car, house, and possibly an MBA.
Not much debt, thanks to parents for my education.

Anonymous said...

22 yr old female Engineer in Seattle, Base is 82K + 8% base salary bonus

Anonymous said...

26, F, in Baltimore-DC metro as software engineer for $75K

Anonymous said...

female, 30, working as an IT professional. I say I'm into savings and been making 30k a year

Anonymous said...

33 y/o female, living in Philadelphia. Work in marketing for a professional services firm making $58K/year.

Anonymous said...

Me: 33 $105K - Investigator, BS (Crim. Justice); MPA
Fiance: 36 $45K - Insurance industry BS (Human Res)
Both live in Nashville, TN.

The MPA is nice, but income is not based on it.

Anonymous said...

Me: 22, $325K, New York for boutique investment bank. Ivy-league BA

Recently moved home to Canada after life-altering accident.

Now making 35K and hoping to continue to earn an Mba.

Never been happier (money isn't everything)

Cblogger said...

Make around $98k in IT
Wife works part time. Makes around 24k.

Late thirties, married.

Our combined net worth is around $800k ($450k in home equity, $350k in 401k, IRAs). We bought our house in '98, and housing has appreciated. We always made saving for retirement a priority. I started saving in 401k when I started fulltime at 27 yrs old.

Only debt is $18k car loan and 240k mortgage.
We pay off our credit charges every month.

My first full time job was 35k/yr. We were able to get to where we are today by frugal living.

We don't spend large amounts on monthly recurring costs:
- no dish tv, no hdtv, just basic cable. We have netflix for picking movies we like.
- no expensive cell plans. We use virgin mobile prepaid cellular, which is just $20 for 90 days.
- no luxury cars, just toyota and hondas. no timeshares, no ipods, no coach bags, no laptops.

We do spend on eating out on weekends, sushi, in-n-out burgers, enchiladas. So thats our mini-splurge.

We also like to travel and take short trips to Disneyland, Tahoe snow trips, and camping. And about every 5 years we take bigger trips (Hawaii, Europe)

Anonymous said...

Me: 35, Consultant, IT, 95k + 5% bonus
Spouse: 32, Physician, 175k + 20k guaranteed bonus + potential 30k perfomance bonus

Anonymous said...

Research/biotech company in mid-sized mid-west city, 39 years old, MD/PhD. Salary of $400K/yr plus $200K bonus; consulting income of $100K or so. But let me hasten to add that I work at least 90 hours per week and have to live in a city I hate.

Anonymous said...

22 male, no college, entry level position for midwest non-profit. 17k/yr putting an amazing 10% into 401(k) and what I can into savings.

Anonymous said...

26, M, $93k plus $9.3k annual employer contribution to my 403(b) as a senior software developer for a private university in New York City. No bonus and only cost-of-living raises, but the 5 weeks of vacation and 35-hour workweek are tough to complain about!

Anonymous said...

OK here's a question for MX and all her helpful posters. Currently 102K as unhappy lawyer working 60 hrs/wk (sometimes 80-100). Should I quit for job with 40 hrs/wk where I am likely to be happier? Salary will be 35K so will have to make major lifestyle changes?! SF in big city so living costs currently v high

Anonymous said...

24.5 yr old single female with BS in petroleum engineering. Currently working for large oil and gas company in Houston making 78k plus 10% bonus.

Anonymous said...

24 year old female, undergrad and masters in economics. Working for the provincial government as an economist in Toronto. Make $63K, save 30%.

Anonymous said...

25 years old; living in San Diego, CA. Valet Parking Manager.
52k (but all money is NET). Document all my hours and tips on daily basis. College graduate. Have 81k in cash savings.

Anonymous said...

I wear many hats at work, you could say I am a senior level mortgage underwriter
60k base + 5-10% bonus
40-45 hours per week
SF Bay Area

Anonymous said...

27yr Single Female in Pittsburgh
IT professional

Self supported since 17years old.

B.S. from Sate School

58K yr + 1-2K bonus. 2wks vaca.

30K student loan debt (3.5%interest so stretched payments out into eternity)

5k cc debt :( ... working diligently on this.

Anonymous said...

33 year old male in Chicago.

MBA from top 5 business school, state school undergrad (all paid 100% by me)

Finance professional (vague I know).

Roughly $900k "all in" (salary + bonus + stock options) for 07

Anonymous said...

44, female, single. Software developer in Seattle area, $93K/year.

Anonymous said...

25 year old single female here. I'm a research engineer making $52k plus bonuses. I consider myself very lucky because I love my job!

Anonymous said...

38 year old married male
-sole earner
-Residing in Jackson, MS
-Bachelors degree MKT
-Sales Executive for medical software company
-Work from home.. Some Travel
-07 Sal, bonus & commiss = $128,000

Net Worth Snapshot:

401K Retirement: 105,000
Home Equity 30,000
Savings: 12,000
CC Debt: 0
Mortgage Debt: 275,000
Mortgage monthly payment 2,055
Car Debt: 24,000 Note: 560 per mo

Two kids under age five years old.. Daycare is $10,000 annually..

Not much savings, but making extra payments on mortgage to get the 30 years down to about 20.

Daycare, house note, and car runs $3,500 per month..

Noumenon said...

I'm 30 with a BS in math. I'm a line monitor at a factory and I make $35,000 with enough overtime (about 10 hours a week).

I may be the only factory worker in these comments but I'm still not normal financially. My net worth is $120,000.

Anonymous said...

Thought I'd jump in because the posts are fascinating.
job: librarian
locate: large mid-atlantic city
salary: currently high 50s, due to hit 60 in a couple of months. Change in jobs has resulted in jump from mid-40s 1.5 years ago to near 60 at this point.

Other: track spending year round, largely by using a credit card and paying it off monthly, *always*. Spending of non-essentials (food, mortgage, utilities) stays between 300-500 average. That includes gas, home repairs, prescriptions, etc.

Own a 2nd home that I am renting. Negative on the cash flow but a beautiful home and renters are taking good care of it. If I were to sell would gain financially even in this downside market.

Sorta prepared for retirement but not as well as I should be. Glad to see the young 'uns listening to the good advice out there and working toward financial security. Impressed with all the 20-somethings and their above average salaries. That would be a nice study to see - what their majors were in college and how they came about to the salaries they have.

Jennrose2020 said...

I also think this section is fascinating, so I'll chime in with mine. I don't really have a career yet...I'm in a National Service program and live off of a stipend that amounts to a little less than $10K a year. It's only for a year though, until I decide what I'm going to do next year.

It's just me though, so living in a decent section of Minneapolis isn't all that hard. I do have some savings...about $500 last I checked.

I have no student loan debt, and I pay my CC bill in full every month.

I like your blog because it shows me what I should be working toward.

Anonymous said...

I'm 27, male, with a BA in philosophy, working in a cash management company and making about $30,000 (but only because of overtime). I'm still looking for an actual career. I live with my fiancee who makes roughly the same as an assistant bank manager, in Portland, Oregon. (And by the way, for all of you east of the Rockies, that's ORY-GUN, not "ory-GAHN" "ari-GAHN" or "AR-uh-ginn").

It seems like at least half of you are "software engineers" making six figures. Guess it sucks for the rest of us who never really got much into computers, huh?

My parents & teachers always told me that intelligence, people skills, and writing ability were what's important because they're traits that are needed everywhere, but now I wish someone had just told me to get into software engineering instead.

At least we're pretty good savers for our age and income: combined, we probably have around 35k in cash, savings, and investments. No credit card debt, very little in student loans, and the monthly payment on my 4-year-old truck is a piddling $164.

DarkerNights said...

19, in community college and working for the IT dep part time making probably 7-8k a year. 1 1/2 yr left before I get my AAS.

Anonymous said...

Married male in Atlanta. BS in ME undergrad, MBA. 95k +12% target bonus in product management in telecom.

Anonymous said...

28, single, female, BA in history from Ivy League college, working as a mid-level administrator at a non-profit educational institution in NYC, earning $48k/year. Work 35 hrs/wk plus some weekends, have 4.5 weeks of vacation a year plus holidays off. Have about $7k in retirement savings and $7k in cash savings. No debt. No car. No TV. And, right now, no computer (it broke). Job is moderately boring, but life is fine.

People think I should go to law school so I can make a better living, but I am far from convinced.

Jack said...

26, male, single, rent in Chicago.

$120K salary - sales engineer for top tech company
$25K - retirement
$30K - stock investments
$30K - investment property equity
$15K - Employee Stock Plan
$6K - vested options
$20K - unvested options
$0 - debt

Debating on pursuing part-time Chicago MBA next year

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a bunch of people opening their wallets to show their paycheck! That's great. Let's break the "don't talk about money" taboo and learn something!

Our plumbing business earned us about $100-125K profit annually before we scaled back to part-time. Now it provides us with about $50-80K annual profit. But the majority of our income is generated from our investment portfolio. For planning purposes, we anticipate a 10% long-term average annual return on our equity investments. Our portfolio is currently at approximately $1.3 million, so 10% return = $130K.

Our investment portfolio these last several years have performed much better than 10% annually, though, which grows our portfolio more quickly.

Currently, we limit our expenditures to what our plumbing biz makes so we can continue to grow our net worth.

Millionaire Mommy Next Door
A self-made millionaire mommy shares her recipe for success, happiness and financial freedom.

Anonymous said...

Great post and very intuitive comments from some of your readers!

I am Female, 27 and work on Wall street. Make $126k base and $50k as a bonus (approx) and live on the UES in NY. "Benefits" are the usual ones at investment banks - subsidized gym membership, health insurance, life insurance etc etc.

I do want to say though, after reading some comments about the "soul-less-ness" of wall street jobs I feel it is my duty to defend my tribe ;) I certainly do not feel that my quality of life has lessened at all by the hours i put in. In fact, most people I interact with daily are driven, motivated, enthusiastic and FUN people. You kind of have to have a sense of humor when you work in this industry.

People self-select in joining this line of work - I know that I and some friends used to dream about working till we dropped (literally fell asleep at our keyboards dreaming about excel spreadsheets!!) - I worked so hard to get into a high pressured finance job - I want to make every second I get to work here count!

As ludicrous as this sounds, I couldn't be doing this just for money. I am doing this for excitement, feeling like I doing something difficult and challenging that makes me step up. My friends who are not in finance tease me about how I have effectively a smaller hourly salary than someone working for minimum wage at McDonalds - but who cares - I love this life and I love that I get to work with people I admire.

The posters who have expressed joy with their own jobs - they've inspired me - thanks!

Anonymous said...

33 Male, single but with a live-in girlfriend for the last 5 years, no kids, lives in the bay area. PhD in computer science (completed last year - went back to grad school after some years as a SW engineer), work for a large internet company in the area. 115K, 12K bonus.

Net worth ~150K (these years in grad school left their mark), no debt. I am originally from a country with a 3-year mandatory military service, and I took some time off after that, so I only started my B.Sc at age 23 and my PhD at age 29 - when most of the rest of the PhDs complete theirs - so I'm quite a bit behind my peers.

Thanks all others for sharing!

Anonymous said...

24 year-old female, unmarried, M.S. from private college, live in NYC. Make 60k as an accountant, with no opportunity (currently) for bonuses. I rent, with a roommate - owning something is years (if not decades) away.

Anonymous said...

I'm 32, live in NYC, work in finance for a hedge fund and made a little over $600K this year which is actually on the low side. We had some trouble towards the end of the year otherwise I might have pulled in $1MM this year. Next year I should hit $1MM, even if we do really bad I'll get at minimum the same as I got this year.

I know this sounds like a great salary to a lot of people but when you work on Wall Street it feels like nothing because so many people are making so much more, even at younger ages. A co-worker of mine likes to say that Wall Street is the best place to work to become rich but feel poor.

Anonymous said...

I'm 24 and a Webmaster for a top hospital in America. I make a ridiculous $37000. I'd like to highlight ridiculous once again since they won't pay me competitively. ...which is why I might, as soon as tomorrow, have a new job. Wish me good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm 24 doing GIS work in rural Appalachia--I make $25,000. My husband does web design and makes just over $20,000.

Anonymous said...

I'm 22, live in Tampa, FL and I make about -$5500/year "working" on my chemistry degree.

Yea... I hope to get a decent paying job when I graduate.

Anonymous said...

I'm a chef, a nurse, a teacher, a house cleaner, a driver, a manager, an accountant, an admistrative assistant to my husband ... sometimes a psychiatrist, a dog-walker, a travel agent, a writer and a storyteller and I make ZIP... ZILCH ... NADA ... and I love every second of it! It's the most difficult yet most rewarding job (and lowest paying) that I've ever had but I wouldn't trade being a stay-at-home mom for the world!!!

But BEFORE that, I made $70k a year as a Marketing Manager for an international company in Charlotte, North Carolina.

ellistea said...

Here's one from a baby boomer -
married, 50, living at beach in SoCal - part-time work as a paralegal in a downtown law firm - $45K in 2007

Husband works as project manager for satellite div. of aerospace company - $110K in 2007, plus bonus of around $7K.

I also have a private practice as a marriage family therapist in West Los Angeles. In 2007, I only netted about $5K on about $12K in client receipts, but that will go up as time goes on. I have normal expenses such as office rent, fees related to my license and mandatory Continuing Education, malpractice insurance and so on. My hourly rate is $110, but I work on a sliding scale, so some clients pay as little as $40.

We've lost value in our townhouse - from $789K to approx. $750K. Total 401Ks and Roth IRA come to approx. $200K and net worth is right at $400K.

It would be higher except for my husband's prior divorce (and yes, we pay alimony forever as it was a "long term" marriage) - half of his 401K went to his ex-wife.

All very interesting to see the truth about what people earn and how they're making it.

Anonymous said...

I've posted my salary in another thread, but I'll throw it in to have some more representation from the lower end of the spectrum!

23, female, mid-size southern town
employed at a residential high school and live on campus for my job - meaning rent, heat, electric, water, etc paid for
I have a 403(b) (employer matching 6-7%) and a Roth IRA, and at my current rate of saving will put approximately $2500 this year toward retirement.
No debt except about $3k toward my car which should easily be paid off before long.
Since my only bills are car, car insurance, and cell phone, I have been saving more of my income, and have been able to travel more given my work schedule.
I may pick up another job for the summer (mid-May through early August) for extra cash, but will probably spend at least half of the summer traveling and visiting friends across the country (at a minimum, trips to LA and Boston).

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I make only $23k, had that included but must have deleted while revising!

Anonymous said...

I'm 36 yo software engineer in DC area making 110K and work 40 hrs/wk. My wife 35 is an accountant, 150K salary plus 70K bonus works 50-60 hrs/week.

Anonymous said...

I'm 33 and not married, I work in investment banking and made $650,000 for 2007. Like another Wall Streeter posted a little bit back, this is actually not a great salary in my business. This is what I made because we had a bad year. And like he said, while this might sound great to many people it is easy to feel poor on Wall Street even though you make this much. I fortunately never spend much money. On Wall Street you typically get a small base but the bulk of your income is paid at the end of the year in a lump sum. The base is only around $150,000 for virtually everyone in my firm on the front-office side. What I do is treat my base salary as my only income, therefore the bonus which is several times larger than my base is essentially gravy - a windfall each year that I can save. So at 33 I have saved close to $2mil which is pretty good I think, especially since I spent much of my 20s in school.

Anonymous said...

female, 35, vancouver, bc, canada.
$50K/year with negotiated raises each year, working in admin for municipal transportation.

$24K owed to bank on consolidation loan (the result of a long and unhealthy relationship with consumer credit), which is due to be paid off in four years. that $550/mo. is the monkey on my back making financial freedom so hard for me to obtain.

Anonymous said...

Very depressing in comparison to the prior comments, but here it is.
53 single woman living in Portland OR - raised and successfully launched 3 children - $44,500 per year - insurance industry.

Anonymous said...

34, phone sex operator/chatline owner, USA approx $100k/yr.

And no, I am not joking.

Anonymous said...

28 y/o male working as a customer service manager in Washington, DC. Base salary of $75k + quarterly bonus' of about 2k a piece.

i, too, feel overpaid...but i am def. counting my blessings ;)

Anonymous said...

Female, 23, 1 sem away from BA in Philosophy, Special Ed. associate @ a high school in the Midwest earning approx. $15,000/yr., renter living w/boyfriend (who is a CPA)...I have college loan debt AND credit card debt and absolutely zero savings.

So I hope no-one else is shy about posting!!

I plan on graduating in a semester and hopefully getting a real job and some financial stability. Not to mention being able to save money!! Right now I spend my entire paycheck each month covering bare necessities - rent, food, gas, insurance.

Anonymous said...

Only fair I give back after taking (ie, readint thru the responses)

24 yo female, work in big wall street bank as financial analyst ... make 65K plus bonus (hoping for 10K but who knows with this economy)

Anonymous said...

24, married

Management consulting, $65k + bonus of around 20%

(Prior job was an analyst at an investment bank, $70k base + 100%+ bonus last year, would have been more like 10% this year)

Anonymous said...

39 Year Old Male, Puget Sound area, Enterprise Business Analyst in High Tech. Only have a High School Diploma -- but I started working in High Tech in 1992 ... or was THAT Low-Tech? Ok, I started working in TECH in '92. :)

105k base, small bonus potential. Was making consistently 140k in previous job, left to pursue the dream of some big software company here that I hated. Took the salary cut because of the "no state taxes" bonus... I feel like I make about the same as I did -- even though its 35k less per year.

Live check-to-check with the ol Peter Pan syndrome. I'm REALLY glad to see so many Women with nice figures... I mean! SIX FIGURES! SIX! ... no, seriously, that is a huge shift during this decade. Way to go, you six-figured vixens!

Anonymous said...

Age: 25
Job: Software Consultant
Location: Washington, DC
Salary w/ bonus: $100K
Current savings: $30K
Current Retirement: $33K
Money made freelancing so far this year: $2K

Don't have kids and don't plan of having kids ever.

Anonymous said...

39 year old married female lawyer, working in-house for a large corporation in the South.

$152K plus bonus of 10-40% of base.

40 hrs/week job.

Anonymous said...

State Trooper
$54,000 per year
An extra 5-6k a year in off-duty security work.
Take home vehicle (No expenses for gas, maintenance, or insurance and I do not own a personal vehicle).

Anonymous said...

Male, 22, Cambridge, MA. Earning $65,000 per year as an electrical engineer.

Anonymous said...

female, 34, married, Los Angeles
MD- $225k/year no benefits
30 hrs/week

husband- engineer, $106 plus benefits
50 hrs/week

nanny 35 hours/week- 36K/yr
house rent- 38K/yr
insurance (health, life, malpractice) 24k/yr
student loans- 30K
yes, we still rent.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this thread makes me realize how poor my career decisions have been and how much better I could be doing financially.

I am a 27 year old female in an east coast city, have two degrees from ivy league schools, and make $36,500 as a social worker. (I don't like being a social worker, either, so it's not as if love of the job makes up for it.)

Anonymous said...

28 year old married male Chicagoland
-project manager construction.
-high school w/some college.
-My income...$110k
-Wife (health care)...$65k

-Student loan (wife)...$18k

Anonymous said...

26 M. Single. Boston. Rent 1 bedroom. 1300/mo.
B.A. degree from top 25 school.
100K base plus 60-80% Bonus.
35K in retirement funds.
130K in savings/investments.

STILL NOT ENOUGH - NOT EVEN CLOSE. To WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN, MUCH IS EXPECTED. I've been given everything, and have an obligation to at least perpetually strive. Haven't been blessed with natural smarts/talent. Just hard work.

Anonymous said...

36, college instructor, MA/2BSs, $44K. Barely scrape buy paying rent, car, phone, loans, bills, etc. I only work 2 or 3 days a week, eat out way too much, and I'm having a good time.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm a 31 male. I'm a firefighter/EMT in Connecticut making about $65000 (overtime included) I work about 42-54 hours per week.

Anonymous said...

23, single, no kids, live at home with parents.

I make 52k/year plus bounses, M-F, Flex schedule, travel that includes per diem, paid vacation, excellent benefits and paid holidays off. $5 dollar raise next February.

I have a 401K and savings account, own 2 cars, 1 vespa. Most of my money is spent on traveling.

Doesnt leave me with much of a social life, but who I am to complain...

Anonymous said...

forgot to mention on the post above... female, San Diego.

Anonymous said...

32 from Manchester, England, earn £25k as an office supervisor for a manufacturing company. The government takes all the money in stealth taxes and gives it to the unemployed or to foreign people. But at least I own my own house, even if it is situaed in a post-industrial wasteland. happy days

Anonymous said...

Male. Single. 22 yrs old. Minneapolis, MN.
Finishing 4 yr degree in Bus. Admin 12/08.
Been working in steel industry for 1 year.
$38,000 salary (can still get overtime) + 6% 401k corporate donation + 25% matching up to 6% + Quarterly bonuses + Full tuition assistance (100% for 2 years in state school).

Work 8-5 M-F with and hr lunch.

Renting to own a house that I set another group up in for a $200/mo cashflow (they pay utilities) for additional income.

Anonymous said...


I am going to immigrate to usa in jan 2008 and i already got BA in electrical engineering with 2 years job that too late to continue my education?

Anonymous said...

29,NYC,BS degrees (managment and engineering), Single asian male.
Project manager = 56k + bonus+ OT sometime.
Got some side job (cash)
Own 1 br apartment (95k left)
Own 2 cars (Nice cars)
Bank have about 60k.
Stocks ~3k
401k ~21k
Absolutely no debt.

Anonymous said...

I'm a single female,33, austin tx, BFA, retail coordinator for corporate luxury chain and wanting to go back to school $33k, working to pay off debt so i might be able to save something..... i've always been paycheck to paycheck, all in all it could be worse. Thanx Madam X!

Anonymous said...

Fascinating stuff.

I'm a 39yo married female in San Francisco. Salary = $185K as a lawyer in a mid-size firm at 80% time. Partner makes $115K base per year, plus anywhere from $10K-50K bonus working for a bank in real estate (so not a great or secure market right now).

No mortgage -- we rent a 2BR with one garage space in an expensive part of the city for $4100/mo.

Me = paid off my $40K of student loan debt from law school early. Used to save 25% of my income when we had much cheaper rent. As a result have $170K in savings (for a downpayment) and around $110K in retirement savings (down from $170K before the bust). Never had any credit card debt prior to getting married, but we now have $36K in credit card debt from the wedding -- a big regret of mine. At least it's all on 0% rates. Partner has around $40K left in student loan debt as well.

Anonymous said...

27 yr old female in NYC making $130K salary and bonus. Masters and CPA, working at accounting job at hedge fund. To me, it sounds like a lot, but I do not feel very rich living in the city, but I realize that I am fortunate and consider myself lucky.

Anonymous said...

Single Male, 25, SF, California
Pre-Sales Engineer (software)
110+45k (last year ~95%)
There are some perks - car, expensed meals, home office.

I could probably get a little more out in the open market - but being able to (2-3 times a week) wake up and work in sweat pants and a t-shirt definitely has some value.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I stumbled upon this blog while desperately searching for the best way to restart my life.

35, F, Atlanta, divorced w/2 kids. I'm sadly unemployed now, but my last position was in environmental operations management, worked 9 months a year, 45-50 hours a week, some travel, for $40k plus itsy bitsy bonus ~ $500 or so.

HS diploma, some college.

Divorce and official news of second child came immediately after I left. HIGH medical bills (random, "causeless" heart condition), no credit card debt, no car loan, mortgage... for now.

In school in the late '90s I studied software development. I hated it and left school entirely. I still hate it, but I think I need to force myself to finish in that discipline just so I can pay for real life.

Anonymous said...

25, online marketing manager, $60k

prior salary:

23, pro blogger, $50k
22, reporter, $35k

Anonymous said...

Here's my info:
30YO married male
Wife is 27YO stay-at-home mom that was formerly a software engineer
2YO daughter, newborn son

Semiconductor Lead Engineer (lower-level management)working in the Mountain West region. Work about 60 hours per week average that includes working odd hours, weekends, and many holidays.
Make about 90K per year once all is said and done. Was up for a 10K raise but won't get it now in the current economy. I enjoy my job but the odd hours are hard on a young family (although I personally don't mind odd hours). Formerly, I was a programmer (wife taught me C++ and Java while we were in college) for 2 years for a small company right out of college. I really liked that job (almost a dream job), but the 55K per year with no prospects for a raise just wasn't cutting it with a growing family.

Cost of living here isn't too bad, but more than most of Texas, South-East, and Mid-West from what I can gather and remember. We don't really save much though. I contribute 5% to 401K with 100% match, but that's all I save. Net worth is only about 20K. Not sure what happens to all of it as we live in a cheaper house and drive cheap cars (family car is actually about average). Probably eating out, diapers/formula, gadgets, and vacations are the main culprits. I can't complain too much though as life is pretty good.

As I've read through the other posts about Atlanta, I think it may be time to come back home as the cost of living is really good as well as salaries. The only problem is that I fell in love with the mountains and the harsh winters with piles of snow. Georgia does have beautiful trees though.

I still don't know what I really want to be when I grow up though. I really enjoyed engineering in school, but have been disappointed with how much engineering goes on for engineers without PhDs (in my experience). It seems to me that engineers with PhDs get to do some cool stuff, but many of the rest of us do things we probably could have done without an engineering degree. I would like to use math more. I thought about going into quantitative finance so I took and hammered the GMAT, but right after that the whole finance industry got seriously downsized so I decided to postpone any plans for getting an MBA for now. I had 3 friends that went into patent law and they seem to enjoy it and get paid very well, but after being honest with myself I don't think it would be right for me. My former boss had a friend that was an actuary and told me he thought I'd really like that field.

For now I'm enjoying life but wouldn't mind a bit more time for hobbies. Oh well, kids are worth the sacrifice to me.

Anonymous said...

I am a senior vice president at a PR agency in NYC and make 140K base, with about 20% bonus (last year). I just finished grad school and just paid off 25K in loans and owe mom 13K more. I save a lot each month in 401K and for an apt. downpayment, but I live very frugally (no cabs, walkup apt., no new clothes, try not to eat out that much, bring lunch from home)etc. Big salaries don't go far in the big cities.

Is anyone else wishing they had a private income like the British poster's significant other has?

Madame-X, I love your blog and ready every day.

J Davis said...

I'm a 33 year old male living in the PG county MD area. I work in DC as a Network Engineer at an International Law Firm making 95,000 yr with a 7.5% profit sharing. I own two investment properties one of which is co-owned. When fully rented I make an addition $500 - $600 monthly cash flow and I have about $15k equity in one and $90k in the other which is split between my partner and I. I have stocks, Bonds, and gold. I just started investing two years ago. It all sounds good but I feel like I'm behind. My next move is to propell my Network Consultant company into real exsistence and establish with other like minds other business partnerships. I'll be 34 in August wish me luck to be wealthy by 40!

Anonymous said...

It has been interested in reflecting on my personal goals while reading this blog. I'm surprised by the number of young, high earners - (not sure what it says about current stereotypes on us generation X/Y'ers!). I'm happy to see everyone openly sharing on nontraditiional salary survey (its helped me big time already learn to attribute my wealth).

Here's my stats:

28, F, Washington DC Metro Area, recently divorced, BS in from top-tier research institution, working in nonprofit management (health care sector), 45-50 hours/week (some weekends), some travel, $50-$52K plus a small annual bonus (3 to 5%). BS from top-tier research institution, 3 weeks of paid vacation w/10+ personal days (all govt. declared holidays off). I have about $12K in retirement savings and under $2K in cash savings (working on it), some student loan debt (under $25K remaining), 7-yr old paid off car and pretty much a simple life.

I absolutely adore my job though and wouldn't wish for anything else - its challenging, its progressive and its innovative work. Considering a dual degree MPH/MBA in the near future which may raise my hiring profile but my salary will be respective to industry (foundations, govt., managed care, community-based org's, etc.)

So there you have it!

Anonymous said...

It has been interested in reflecting on my personal goals while reading this blog. I'm surprised by the number of young, high earners - (not sure what it says about current stereotypes on us generation X/Y'ers!). I'm happy to see everyone openly sharing on nontraditiional salary survey (its helped me big time already learn to attribute my wealth).

Here's my stats:

28, F, Washington DC Metro Area, recently divorced, BS in from top-tier research institution, working in nonprofit management (health care sector), 45-50 hours/week (some weekends), some travel, $50-$52K plus a small annual bonus (3 to 5%). BS from top-tier research institution, 3 weeks of paid vacation w/10+ personal days (all govt. declared holidays off). I have about $12K in retirement savings and under $2K in cash savings (working on it), some student loan debt (under $25K remaining), 7-yr old paid off car and pretty much a simple life.

I absolutely adore my job though and wouldn't wish for anything else - its challenging, its progressive and its innovative work. Considering a dual degree MPH/MBA in the near future which may raise my hiring profile but my salary will be respective to industry (foundations, govt., managed care, community-based org's, etc.)

So there you have it!

Anonymous said...

35-yr old self-employed web marketer in ann arbor, mi. I make $500k pre-taxes. The irony is that 4 years ago I was making $20k as a mortgage originator. Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

23y/o Web developer in West Los Angeles


Anonymous said...

Awesome people!

22 male, single (obviously), no kids (obviously, lol), DC area, left college before degree

Senior Web Developer
90k, 40 hours/week

Very impressed with you all, good jobs!

Teach yourself some HTML, CSS, Javscript, PHP, and Actionscript, and Java, so much easier than selling crack! (joke)

Anonymous said...

30 yo. single female. Just graduated with Master's in Nurse Anesthesia. Can get a job anywhere in healthcare, chose Hawaii. Base 140K, with call approx. 160K. Additional salary if work over 40hrs/wk. Great benefits and a job that I really enjoy. This salary is a bit on the low side for Hawaii, should become more competitive soon. Zero income for the last 3 yrs while in school, thus student loans at 150K.

Anonymous said...

age 60.
salary 135k, manager in a software company.
married, no children, spouse no income.
SF Bay Area.

CF said...

29, Male, married with the first baby on the way, living in Amarillo, TX.

I'm an assistant professor at a local university. My 9 month base is 87K, if I teach 2 classes in the summer, I can make another 14,500.

I spent 10 years in college to get my Ph.D., making less than 10K/year and building 40K in loans, and I've only been working for real since August 2008.

Wife makes 50K as a tax accountant, but will probabally take 6 months off after the baby arrives.

Anonymous said...

Female 42, AA Applied Science
Physical Therapist Assist.
Work 14 (8)hour days per month.

Anonymous said...

I'll try,

I'm 25 years young and I have around 25K in savings. I am debt free and live a very finacially conservative lifestyle. My car is paid for but is nothing fancy. As far as work goes I put in between 110 and 130 hours a week. I spend most free time sleeping or making sure gear is packed and ready to go.

I am a United States Marine and I make $32,000 a year.

Anonymous said...

Wow this makes me really depressed! I'm a smart, creative, well-educated individual but it seems that between high rental costs in cities where the job markets are best and student loans - I can't get ahead. I have no more disposable income now (after grad school with job I enjoy) than before grad school (working landscaping, nannying, bartending, part time jobs no health insurance and enjoying life more in a more affordable city on the coast near the beach). I regret it.

I make about 48K working (first "salaried" job) as a director of a transatlantic energy dialogue program working for a European government entity here in washington, DC. I have health care, but no other benefits. I recently paid off all three of my credit cards (which had been around for about 8 years) and am working on student loan debt of almost $100K. This is not helped by the fact that federal student loan rates went up in '06 to 6-8% (even though mortage holders get a break - it seems that students trying to start out don't get the same courtesy). I wanted to be proud of paying off my credit cards, I spend little money on frivolous items, sold my car and bike to work, but still can't seem to feel like I'm getting ahead.

Anonymous said...

39 male downstate ny make 12,480 a year b4 taxes. wworkin same job 3 years bustin my butt, an they paying new employees the same an some more then im makin after 3 years. anyone got a job for me? (seiously)

Anonymous said...

25 years, Kathmandu, Nepal
Office: Subsidiary of US healthcare company.
Post: Software Engineer
Salary: $5400 per year + no bonuses.

Anonymous said...

Male, 23, BA Civil Engineering, currently work in healthcare industry as medical equipment planner.

salary: 52K + Housing provided by company as I travel from hospital to hospital throughout US.

13K in investments, 9K in savings, 2K checking, 2K retirement.

0 student loans, 0 debt.

Anonymous said...

33, married, BSIT degree, work as an Executive Assistant in Seattle making $68,000 + bonus. Still renting as hubby has money tied up in a fixer upper house and business. I could make more money using my degree, but I have a very nice family/work balance that money cannot buy.

Anonymous said...

I'm 35, I have an AS in Culinary Arts and I am a restaurant manager in Tallahassee, Fl. My base is 32,500 plus up to 12,000 in bonus.

Anonymous said...

27 yr old single male, living in san diego, CA. i make $45k a yr as a production coordinator

Anonymous said...

24, Female, Process Engineer in a Healthcare Environment. Work remotely (from home) in ATL. 66K - all benefits 10K in bonuses for 76K total.

Anonymous said...

Holy moly -- I need to make more money! Ha ha...
I feel poor now.
Age: 35
Location: boston suburbs
Salary: $70K
Prof: nonprofit mgt.
Degree: BA

Anonymous said...

30yo design engineer making 85k/yr for 35 hr workweek.
Spouse: 115k/yr for 40 hr workweek also as engineer.

Live in Raleigh, NC.

Anonymous said...

I make 38 billion dollars a day being a ninja pimp. I gots a degree in keepin' it real.

Anonymous said...

That guy making $200k in Raleigh, NC is making a KILLING! $200k in Raleigh is like $600k in NYC... actually, $600k in NYC will get you a studio condo, while $200k in Raleigh will buy you half of NC State University.

I'm an analyst in DC for the feds, and make just under $90k. My wife is a software engineer for a private company and makes just under $100k. We're both 30.

Anonymous said...

im 27, mba, making 75k plus 5k bonus working at the home depot corporate headquarters in atlanta

Anonymous said...

I am a childless, single 29 year old female working as an Executive Assistant in DC for the federal government, I am a renter and about 5K away from being out of debt with the exception of student loans and when I buy a car in November lol. I have an A.S. and I am 40 credits from a B.S. in Business Administration and Public Policy. My income is 73k plus overtime pay and a bonus I hope! Not bad for a girl from the South Bronx, NYC.

Anonymous said...

I am a 25 year old single male. I have an undergraduate degree in marketing and will be working on my masters in Fall of 2010. I work for a 10 year old non profit organization in Louisiana making $80,000. I also make money on the side with Traverus as a certified Travel Agent making about $24,000 a year. I make more money then some people with a PHD. Now days its about who u know. Due to the power of networking, I got where I wanted to be in life. Be nice to everyone u come across because the very person I couldnt stand and came across, was the person who got me to where I am today.

Anonymous said...

BSBA Grad 99 (private college), First 3 years 22,000; years 4-8 $31,000; present $35,000.
Hard worker doesn't get noticed. I Work during lunch, and alsways on time. What I have notice kiss up will get the big buck....Life Sucks!

Anonymous said...

26 Year Old In Orange County, CA.
80k salary + Bonuses in Art Direction/Design Field for Video Game Company.

Anonymous said...

Live in Nashville, TN. I am 31 and work in sales. Made 87k last year, worked an average of 41 hours per week, have 1 month paid vacation, and have a full time personal assistant. This year due to the economy I am on pace for 64k.

Anonymous said...

Was at $167,000 in base salary & commission in 2007; got down to $112,000 with the economy and company furloughs. Back up to $119,000 now.

Wife makes a bit over $80,000.

We're both early 40's and live pretty cheap in the Midwest, so life is good.

Anonymous said...

60 year old (look MUCH younger - really). Live in Central Fl now, previously in Sheepshead Bay, Bklyn.
(Really miss running in Marine Park and the brown-haired woman I was too shy to talk to.) Work in IT, salary is $80k. About a year from moving to Philippines; can't afford to retire here.

Anonymous said...

24 year old trader in Chicago.

Base: 80k
Bonus: 480k

Anonymous said...

35 yo single female in Denver with BS and MD degrees, making $350K/yr with $200K savings, work 60 hour weeks with weekends free to ski.

Anonymous said...

27 years old
professional hockey player
married - 3 kids
4.4 mm year
no debt
paid cash for home

Anonymous said...

What I like about small business owners is that they are not afraid to take huge risks and lay it all on the line. But, I agree they do need a lot of help with their marketing. I think having them go the social media and email route is not only the least expensive but its also the most effective. Thanks for the stats!
With Facebook and Twitter being among the leaders of the Social networks, marketing as a small business is being transformed..
Respondents according to the Vertical Response survey appear to need some differentiation with the use of SE marketing and Social media Marketing

Anonymous said...

28 male living in north jersey. No college education - manager in retail (Never work Sundays) salary 78k + bonus and perks exceeding 10k. Don't let anyone fool you, there's is money to be made for hard workers with a lack of formal education.

Anonymous said...

32 year old male, i live in ohio

make $35,000 a year as a teacher

what a low salary in exchange for the power to literally sculpt human beings' thought processes.

no one becomes a teacher to make money. i have a stock broker friend in nyc who makes very high 6 figures / year who can't believe how simple his job is compared to mine.

my own 3 children however get to spend LOTS of time with me which other jobs would not afford - i get summer vacation, christmas vacation, spring break, snow days... my kids WIN.

you know, according to i am richer than 95% of the world's population.

we are so so so so lucky. many americans have so so so so so so much.

Anonymous said...

24 y/o single female in NYC with a liberal arts BA

nonprofit administrator; long hours, but getting a math MA in the evenings.

Anonymous said...

22 Male. Iowa.
Makes 44k/yr as a IT Admin

2 year degree at local community college.

Unknown said...

Single male, mid 30s, in-house attorney for midsized corporation in Miami. Total income this year between 300K and 400K, depending on bonus.

Anonymous said...

29M, NYC, married, hedge fund trader earn about $200k/yr (salary + bonus). wife is kindergarten teacher at private school and makes $35k.

we are doing well but living and working in NYC, you feel as though whatever you make is not enough as there are always people around you who are doing better. i'm relatively low on the totem pole at work, the big hitters in my office make as much as $100mil/ that is not a typo

Anonymous said...

Male, 22, DC Area

$75k/year as a consultant for a large software company

Tiffany said...

Post like these can be bad, especially if you arent where you want to be...then you end up comparing where you are to the Jones's! Good luck in all of your endeavors!

Check your credit

Anonymous said...

Male, 30yo, 'burbs of Chicago.

$95K/year base as IT Director for a local suburban municipal government, close to completion of MIS, as well as a variety of technical certifications.

All the government bennies, (100% paid BCBS PPO), 5K/yr vehicle fund, local utilities paid, bought back unused sick & vac days, total contribution is about 115K/yr. Nicely funded retirement fund, employer-matched contributions.

Own primary residence, as well as two rental properties in Chicago area.

No CC debt, school loans. Quite a few mortgages though.

Anonymous said...

25, f, san diego, BA (social science), human resources, %58,500

Anonymous said...

30 & 32 lesbian couple. Midwest city. Telecom & IT sectors. Own two cars. Renting apt. Income 366000 (includes bonuses). Stock sharing at 170K every two years. Provided stock holds. 20K in savings 50K in retirment. Waiting for the perfect house to come on the market. Low net value b/c we move 3 countries in 3 years on our own nickel. No debt and we still feel behind the 8-ball.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. sounds like we got a couple ballers' in here

22, m, Canada, Bcomm. (finance + IT), procurement, $65k/yr.

Use to day trade on the side in University. Was doing pretty good making 500-2k/day for a while until I got raped (figuratively) and lost almost everything (couple bad bets)- it forced me to get a full time job after graduation

No car, live with parents, 10k student loans left and single. I think I messed up somewhere in life.. girls aren't interested and I'm poor as hell. Ah well, at least my computer still loves me <3

Anonymous said...

23, male, systems administrator working in greater Boston area

base salary: 67k
potential earning with bonuses: 72k

live with my long-term girlfriend, also 23, financial services

base salary: 39k
unknown potential income because of huge overtime opportunity during tax season. some co-workers have earned as much as 55k.

We're closing on our first home this month, carry about 29k in student loan debt, and 20k in other debt (cars, credit cards).

(Right on anonymous female 26 in PNW! I'm also the first of my family to have a successful career, i hold no degree (GED, in fact) and made it all on my own.)

Anonymous said...

Female, 25, NYC
Project Manager at a Software company
$50K/year, $0-$5K Bonus, Stock Options, Good Benefits
45 hrs/week give or take
BA & MA from Ivy League School

Anonymous said...

30 years old, MBA in product development for tech company in Seattle. 110k + 22k bonus. Married, wife makes ~70k. Own house and two rental condos. Max both 401k each year ~200k total balance. We both drive older cars because cars are poor investments.

Anonymous said...

Male, 34, small town, Minesota, Airline pilot college degree 28,000 with 10 years experiance.

Anonymous said...

undergrad in finance, 22 yo, NZD 42k starting salary as a ´transactions´ analyst for growing finance company

Anonymous said...

MWM - Houston TX.

I am a Software Consultant with 80k base + 20% bonus.

My wife is in insurance and earns 30k.

Total income 130k.

Funny thing is, we are always broke.

cash advance said...

25, single male, civil engineer w/ BS degree
Location: Boston
Salary: $49,000 for 40 hr week
Benefits: good 401k match and flex time work schedules

I'm surprised by how high alot of these salaries are, especially for other types of engineering advance

Anonymous said...

Male, 24, large midwestern city.

I do freelance marketing for one primary client, mainly writing plus some PR functions, and make between $4,000 - $5,000/month.

Unfortunately, I am not W2, so I don't get health benefits and I have to take out my own taxes. On the plus side, I work from home.

I also do freelance writing on the side, which adds up to around $2,000 by the end of the year.

My first full year out of college (2009) I made $34,700 before taxes. This year, I expect to make around $55,000 before taxes.

I am the sole earner in our household and my wife and I have a baby on the way. We rent a 2BR condo for $1150/month. I have small student loan payments and no credit card debt. Wife has some, but we should be able to pay it off in 6-8 months.

$750 in a ROTH IRA that I'm actually going to begin contributing to with regularity.

I'd like to buy a home next year, but being a 1099 makes it difficult to get a loan.

Crazy to see all of the people my age making six figures. Didn't know it was possible at such an early age.

Anonymous said...

28yr old male from Ohio. Never had to go to college since I was fortunate enough to get a great job early. Work for a class 1 railroad and make about $65k/yr and work about 4 days a week.

Anonymous said...

*26/m, Toronto.

*Undergrad in Computer Engineering from top tier Canadian school.

*Undergrad in Economics from top tier Canadian school.

*3.5 yr work experience in telecommunications & utilities sector.

$76K, no bonuses, ~7-10% annual increases.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm a 28 year old soon to be divorced woman with no kids in California. As a receptionist for a high tech company my salary was $33,280. I finished my Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts during the start of my employment as receptionist. Currently, I'm back in school to get a BA and look forward to making more money so that I can hopefully soon own a home and support the health, happiness and well-being of my parents and also have my own kids one day with a husband to love and who will love me back! Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

Female 28
After commenting and reading comments from others I realized that I really need to catch up to all of you. I got my US work permit during my mid-20s so feel sad that I had a late start. I'm making nothing compared to everyone here. I want kids but will definitely hold off on that.. maybe until 35. Will finish my BS in MIS first and fulfill my dreams in life! Great Blog!

Anonymous said...

I call BS on so many of these posters. Midwest earning $90k+ in retail. Dream on. 22 year old administrative assistant at $60K?

Don't mean to be negative, but let's keep this thing honest. That's the point right?

Anonymous said...


ME MAKE 245,000,000 A YEAR


Anonymous said...

36 years of age in the systems engineering field of Los Angeles CA earning 105k

Anonymous said...

Age 36M living in Southern California working as an Engineer earning 105k/yr. Bought a home at the age of 27 with a mortgage of $1200 (purchased before the big price increases)in a very nice area.

Anonymous said...

23, Female, 50K + annual bonus, single

Account Manager in Florida (the position is part marketing, sales, and client relations)

Goal in life: to work less hours and make more money!

Anonymous said...

I made $100k last month by working from home! All I had to do was post a few tiny ads to the Internets and then ride my Segway to my mail box to pick up my checks! AND YOU CAN TOO!!!!

I use satire to illustrate my point about many of these inflated salaries. I understand the goal of the blog is to promote transparency but it's been bastardized by people and their warped desire for what it means to be adequate amongst a population that clearly is earning an income well above the norm.

I guess the goal is commendable but the execution was not well thought out. The income information, assuming it is true, is not indicative of the US population's avg income and therefore only serves to demean and upset most who ARE in the avg range and may be struggling. Most people already feel insecure and unfulfilled, adding to it is, well, cruel.

Not nice and poorly done.

Anonymous said...

This is the lamest post I think I have ever seen on the internet...what purpose does it serve? People earning good money bragging about it so taht people who don't earn half as much feel lousy? Im not bitter - I am well compensated - I just think this posting is utterly useless

Anonymous said...

32, single male, live in Santa Monica, CA

$67 K base + $15K potential bonus in media/advertising

$26K rental gross income from investment property

$50K in equity with 15 years and $200K remaining on said rental property mortgage

$32K in retirement savings

$35K in cash

$10K in student loan debt

No other debt

Still feel pretty strapped - I only have what I have because I'm pretty frugal. I feel were I to start spending or enjoying my income I would save nothing.

Feel like I need at least another $50 to $100K in HHI before I'd feel like I could do all of this: 1. Save for retirement, 2. Have a good daily standard of living (decent apartment, car, eating out, etc) 3. Have money for luxury items (women) /vacations, etc.

Anonymous said...

29 Year Old Male, MBA Education, Sole bread winner (wife and child), homeowner, Sales Operations Manager in Solar Industry:
95k base + Commission + Bonus + Stock Incentives
San Francisco, Bay Area

Anonymous said...

I'm 22, male, just graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering from College in south Texas. I've accepted a job making 54,000/yr with the N.R.C.S. (USDA). It's GS9/11 so in a year or two I hope to be making in the 70's. I feel lucky to have landed a decent job in today's economy. Much of my fellow graduates we're not as fortunate.

Hoi Thuong Gia Viet Nam Boston said...

Married but living seperately (wife and to be born daughter live in Vietnam), IT architect, $86000/year + 5k bonus, free cell phone
Metro Boston

Anonymous said...

I'll play. 28 year old male. Just married. Nurse anesthetist with 120k base. Overtime and call will likely push compensation to 170k. Just finished school with 125k in student loans. Will breathe easier when I knock those out.

Anonymous said...

26y/o female. Work & live in NYC. Made 116k gross last year including o/t & bonus. Have a great small business on the side that is my passion for extra cash (Not included in that figure). Trying to decide now what is the next phase for me in my life. Buy a home, run my business out of it? Invent & create more businesses, network etc.. Dedicate all my time to my own business? So many pro's & con's to think about... wish I could do a little of everything, because there is so much I'm good at and interested in. I wish I did not have to feel like the bread-winner all the time. I'm afraid to fail, I'm afraid of losing everything. I've worked hard to get where I am career wise... do I venture out on my own now that I've saved a litte?

Anonymous said...

I am 47 yr old non profit Exec Director in Chicago making $90K. At 37 yrs old i was making $40K, so wne tup alot in past 10 years. Married with a two-year old baby

Anonymous said...

90-100k annual. (4 years ago I was making 28k as a temp so I feel like I hit the jackpot - and I love my job)

28 years old - Masters in IS

62k student loans.

Renter. East Coast.

You can track my path to a positive net worth @

Anonymous said...

22,M, graduated with BSET 6 weeks ago. Work as Mechanical Designer for company in Kansas City, MO.

Start: $40k
After 12 weeks: $42K + 401k(match) + employer paid benifits (health, vision, dental....)

Start of new year (6 months): 3 weeks paid vacation and federal holidays.

Debt: 20k in student loans

Nothing saved yet (just started)

So far so good, glad I found a job!!

Anonymous said...

29 year old/ female/ atlanta. I make $52,000 plus $3,000 annual bonus as a designer. I have $700,000 in stock options.

Anonymous said...

Female, 27 years old, SF Bay Area.

I finished a Masters in Social Work degree last year and make $36 to $42/hr as a per diem social worker at various hospitals. My hours vary from 0 to 40 a week.

I have no student loan debt and have been living at home for the past year. Have about $25k in the my savings accounts from one year of working part time.

No one goes into social work for the money, but nevertheless I'm pleased with my salary and flexible hours.

Anonymous said...

Male, 31y/o, Philadelphia, PA suburb, MS, Healthcare Administration, Hospital Director of Patient Access, 85k/yr

Samar Suleman said...
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Anonymous said...

I read maybe 50 of the entries in this list, and am sort of pissed off. I find it disturbing so many respondents under 40 - some well under 40, are enjoying salaries in the $80-$110 range; it's

not so much that I'm bothered by a young adult making so much. If it's deserved then, great, but let's face it, none of you are exactly doing brain surgery for your sex figures. In fact, I there's

not as much as a PHD let alone an MD amongst you. I worked several decades, and because one of the best of the best in my field to earn my $80-$110 range salary. Most of the jobs you

six-figure earners are describing, seem like things I could probably ramp up on is a half day and be good to go. Is there any need to wonder why America is running out of money, when

we're paying six figures to 20somethings and 30somethings for basically serving as glorified secretaries?

Anonymous said...

Single, male, 29. Software developer in a NYC investment bank. Annual income $400,000 including bonus + stock. I am not making the most in my department although few of us make more than our manager. A more typical salary in my company is around $150,000 to $200,000 but I just happen to be one of people that work on some critical stuff.

Anonymous said...

31, Single, Middle TN. 75K + 5K Bonus. Project Manager.

Anonymous said...

35, living with s.o., made 40K per year working for state government, left my job last year to attend graduate school. In the last 10 months I have made $13,000 through various sources. I plan on looking for a job soon, but I wonder about my prospects. At least I have learned to live on so little. Plus it has probably been one of the least stressful years of my life so far.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 46 year old Male working as a Web Developer in New York. I'm Bringing in 87K / year plus bonus.

Anonymous said...

31, Male. Single. NYC, Enterprise Software - Pre Sales. 2010: 144k, 2011: 178k. Includes base, commission, bonus.
To the comment above about younger people making more money - in my experience it is not all based on degrees and credentials - but more so on performance and potential.
My job is not overly difficult, but to excel and maximize earnings you not only need to be good at what you do, but always aware of potential opportunities and pitfalls. I guess a sales environment is a bit more conducive to this concept but I am sure it applies in many professions.

Anonymous said...

Me: 38 year old male, no degree, technician, 98k per year, no bonus, no overtime, 40 hour weeks.
Wife: 32, aas degree, medical sales, 95k per year, company car, bonuses, hours vary, some travel.
House: 280k, owe 230k
Savings: max 401k yearly, various stocks.
No kids

Anonymous said...

Age: 30
Job: Program Analyst
Location: Washington, DC
Salary: $105k
Bonus/Overtime: $10 - 15k
Education: BA, PMP, MPA

Anonymous said...

Male, 26
Location: Playa Del Rey, CA
Title: Software QA Analyst
Annual Compensation: $64,000
401k match + full benefits + 40 hours paid sick time + 32 hours paid personal time, 80 hours paid vacation + ESPP
+ 1400 stock options which are fully vested at this time

I have a simple assoc. degree from a trade college and a small certification in web design proficiency. No fancy college credentials as you can see.

I started out at around 33k and four years later, at the same company, I am making double. I plan to be making 75k before I am 30 and 100k before I am 40 years of age. These targets are based analysis of my career field with regards to highest possible/obtainable position and the upper boundaries of salary for each available and or desired move I make. Based on my research and gauging how long it will take to acquire each new skillset to be eligible to move upwards I feel the milestones set forth are reasonably obtainable.

The main goal is not gross income though. The main goal is; how much am I netting? What is my expendable income? I tell my brother, who works at at a coffee shop, that he most likely has twice the expendable income as me even though I make twice the amount he does. It's funny though and we can laugh about it.

Whatever you do in life don't do it just for the money. Like me, you can find a balance consisting of sustainable income vs sustainable happiness/peace of mind.

Remember to spay and neuter your pets :)

Anonymous said...

28 yr old black male living in LA. Make $110k working in Marketing at a technology company. I also have a nice pile of stock options. Soon to make $20k a year in rental income - renting out my small loft and re-becoming a renter! Finishing up my MBA in a few months so loads of school debt but I plan on using it to boost my income. I have about 40k in retirement savings. I could be saving more but I like to travel and enjoy a good lifestyle. Life is not promised so dont sacrifice the joys of today for hopes of tomorrow! Given the crappy returns bank give I also opted out to invest on starting companies. I plan on making up on my savings eventually. Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

Male, 33, single and live in TX. Make $240k (base + bonus) working for a consulting firm. Assume if / when I leave that figure probably goes down but lifestyle hopefully improves :)

Anonymous said...

Female 22 just got a starting salary of 30k as an assitant manager of a clothing store, plus bonuses and of course a great discount.

Anonymous said...


Just turned 27 years old. I work at a Big 4 accounting firm in Atlanta and I have a Bachelor's/Master's in Accounting and hold an active CPA license. Been with the firm for just over three years and I make 70K a year plus pathetic 'spot' bonuses throughout the year that equate to about $300 in giftcards, mine go to Lowe's for home improvements. Not my dream job but I get great experience and because I am in the consulting branch I mostly travel. While traveling all expenses are covered so I am able to save most of my paycheck. I have no credit card debt, just bought a great house for myself and my fiance and owe about 175K on the mortgage. I always double up on the payments and my car is paid for. I put 12% of my income into a Roth IRA and try to save as close to $1000 a month in additional savings as possible.

My fiance and I are both very conscious of our spending and combined are well over 100K. With that said, it still feels like we are pinched at times. We mostly eat at home and take a modest vacation to a nearby beach about once a year. Other vacations are done for free at a relatives lake house.

I have about 30K in retirement savings and about 15K in liquid savings. My savings took a beating after the purchase of a house and engagement ring.

Anyway... it's not the money that we work for it's the security. We are both young and have a whole life to accumulate wealth, but might as well start now.

Hope we all get raises soon!

Anonymous said...

Married Female 30's living in suburbs of NYC with 2 children.

Teacher with a Masters +60 earning 85k working 170 days out of the year.

Debt =19k

Husband makes 40k with about 9k in debt.

Mortgage = $2100 monthly ($800 of that goes to taxes. Gotta love NY.

Anonymous said...

Married 30 year old woman, 1 child, living in Miami. Make 60K working as a webmaster.

Anonymous said...

I'm 19 from los angeles but I am a college student living in pittsburgh for school only. I intern at one of the big four firms during the current spring semester. Interning for approx 55 hrs week... bi-weekly I take home 2,000 (taxes are such a b****). I also work for a business exec club approx 16hrs taking home almost 700 bi-weekly. I also invest in stocks (good piece of side change). I plan on getting my cpa upon graduation. Oh i'm totally a female and I have expensive taste so it's only fair that I make my own cash to acquire the things that I want. :) Maybe i'll get another job, I really want to buy a jeep wrangle hardtop and help my mom pay off her house. I'm free spirited and I get the F out of shitsburgh every weekend bcus this place is so backwards and boring, i'd lose all sanity if I stayed here.

Anonymous said...

Wow! sounds like a lot of people doing VERY well for themselves on here. I'm 24, living in New Orleans, making 72K as an engineer on offshore oil rigs. Was making 44K in Seattle working in Pricing and it was barely enough to live on. 72K in New Orleans feels like 100K+ in Seattle

Anonymous said...

22, just graduated and working as a a software engineer in Toronto. $73K + 10% bonus opportunity

Anonymous said...

27 year old female, Seattle, product manager working at tech company

$113k plus bonus (usually another $20-$50k)

Anonymous said...

Male, single, age 22. I make $45,000 base per year. General Manager, Restaurant

Anonymous said...

Male, single, age 22. I make $45,000 base per year. General Manager, Restaurant

Anonymous said...

Male, late 20's
$130k + $260k in (non-liquid)stock (via an acquisition)

Anonymous said...

22 year old engaged female. I make $46,000 working as an online merchandiser. My fiance and I just bought a condo. He is a United Auto Worker so our total gross income is around $86-90k. I have a BS and he is working on his BS. I will be going back to school for my MBA with my company helping with tuition so my out of pocket cost for my masters will be less than $5k.

I think were doing pretty go for ourselves =)

Anonymous said...

I live in Dallas TX area..I am a single guy 27. Completed my MBA from Ross

I make around 180k p.a base and bonuses around 30-40%. Its a decent start

Anonymous said...

I'm a 30 year old web developer in Miami, FL -- I make 42k a year in a big corporation (public). -- I need to make more, this salary is not enough for Miami.

Anonymous said...

Male, 43, Architect working in furniture design... Between 130k and 155k, 40k SUV dedicated to me with the job. Working in California.

Anonymous said...

Don't understand how 26 year olds state having $100k+ in investments.. I must be doing something wrong..


26, male, married w/ one child in the bay area. Work in interactive design/innovation.
$140k base
$60k in RSUs / year
$12k ESPP
$14k Yearly Bonus

Want to save, can't, want to buy a house, can't, want to invest, can't... bay area cost of living sucks up everything... thanks!

Anonymous said...

31/m/Tampa Florida... Clinical anesthesiologist making about $300k plus benefits, insurance, etc. wife is an ARNP making about $100k all inclusive.

Anonymous said...

Newly 22 (just a few weeks ago!), female, unmarried but living with my boyfriend and two pups, and a current college student. I just landed a job, degree-less, with a Residential Management Company in Northeast Ohio working as a leasing consultant and networking assistant (I was doing this before but was making a LOT less money). I have accounting and management experience but, again, no degree. I was hired in at a salaried $32K, but the company is also paying for my apartment and utilities. Including all of that, I make a little over $45K per year.

Being a young women still working on her degree, I feel as if I'm doing very well for myself =) Though I'm a little depressed at how much some of the others on here are making hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Male, 25, single, bachelors degree living in New York. Base plus bonus comes out to about $200,000 a year - working in private equity.

Anonymous said...

Female, 28, MBA. I work in technology marketing in San Francisco. $65,000, no bonus.
My husband is a part-time freelancer, about $30,000.

Anonymous said...

29 single male, living in PNW, working in the gulf of Mexico as a shipboard Engineer (sailor) in a early career position. I work 6 months a year month on month off for 59k plus full benefits and annual bonus 0-5k.

Anonymous said...

24 y/o male in rural MA

Appx student loan debt: $85k

Taking time off from an undergrad English degree

Working full time as assistant restaurant manager/private event and wedding coordinator (1 year)

35 hours/week @ $16/hr
Quarterly bonus, from $200-$1000


Anonymous said...

27, single female, no kids. Registered nurse - working partime (3-4 days a week + OT) 75,000
If worked full time, could make up to 100,000

Som said...

A nice blog.Happy to share my income details.
I'm a 31+ old single male from India.
Doing a Lecturer job in a College.The post is permanent while frequency is part-time.
Also run a private Tutorial home.
NET Monthly income is 17,000+ INR which I'm looking to improve in the coming years!:)

Christopher said...

I am a single 35 year old male.
I work in the New Orleans Area.
Business Analyst
2012 Salary 88,000 No bonus All Fed Holidays off Plus another 30 days Vacation/Sick time. I work 35 Hours a week.
2011 Salary 36,000
2010 Salary 22,000

Anonymous said...

I'm 33 years old, from Leland, NC, female, makes 42,000 yearly as a hotel general manager.

Anonymous said...

33, Single Blk Male with 4 y/o daughter working as a systems engineer in the Baltimore area.

No degree


Base - $105,000 + $0-5000 Consulting

401K - $6000

About $30,000 total debt

Networth - Not much....

I could do more and make more money, but I prefer to have time to spend whatever I have leftover after trying to kill that debt on enjoying myself and my daughter.

Anonymous said...

38 yr male - 105k/yr - software instructor
37 yr female - 70k/yr - non profit program manager
northern, va

Anonymous said...

I am 26 y/o male living in the Tampa Bay area. Systems Admin. 54K a year. 2 year college degree and a couple of IT certifications.

Roth IRA ~4k

No kids

No debt :)

Anonymous said...

Here goes nothing ...

Male, 38, single. Corporate lawyer. Equity partner at a large firm. 12-hour workdays. I happen to enjoy my work. :)

I took took home $400k last year.

Have a Masters. Am trying to pluck up the courage to go for a PhD.

Self made. From humble origins.

Anonymous said...

Male 38, recent law grad, $81k federal govt. Wife $10k to $18k. One kid, another on the way. Hard to make ends meet in San Francisco.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I even stumbled onto this, but after reading the rest of the comments, I feel like it's my duty to spill my own beans. Everyone has their own unique situation and mine's no exception.

Single, male, 26, living in a sizable Midwestern US city.

Work a full-time overnight IT position for a 1,000-employee company which operates mostly in this city but has satellite offices around the world. Medium-to-high job security, minimal raises, minimal-to-moderate opportunity for advancement within the company. Pre-tax salary+bonus about $36k.

Some college; never graduated. $10k in student loans, various other more trivial debts totaling maybe $2k (but free of CC debt); not actively paying any debts. Zero savings/investments, functioning 'crappy' car, rent a $500 apartment, live week-to-week for the most part but never any trouble getting by with bills or enjoying a meal out. Return to college imminent.

Maybe this will help other people in positions similar to mine come out and reveal their standings. It is anonymous, after all.

Anonymous said...

30 year old male.

Toronto, Canada.

Medical equipment sales.

Education: Master's degree in research science.

3 years of work experience. (2 in sales)

Earnings: $75,000 base plus about $5,000 per quarter bonus at plan.

Will bring in ~95k this year.

Also get perks like airmiles, car allowance, food expenses (not included in the 95-100).

Quality of life is pretty good probably work around 40-50 hours a week depending.

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