Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hair today, gone today (at least some of it)

Is $80 too much to spend on a haircut? Hey, this is NY, I could do worse. I like how Time Out NY always asks people how much they'd be willing to spend for a haircut, in their little seen-on-the-street fashion feature. The answers vary wildly, from $0 because people cut their own hair, to well over $100.
I justify it as such: it is my only major grooming expense. I do my own manicure and pedicure, don't buy much makeup, don't go to tanning salons, and waxing, well... whoa, whoa, TMI...
No, really it is justified because I look FAAAAHHHHBULOUS.

But while at the salon, I discovered that my cash on hand is off from Quicken by about $8.00! Horrors! This drives me nuts, when I track things so carefully and then somehow still an error creeps in or I forget to note something. But last year's total balance adjustments only came to $26.25 unaccounted for, so that isn't too bad.

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Caitlin said...

I track every penny in quicken including cash expenditures too. For a while every week we were off by about $2.00 and it drove me nuts so I can relate! A few weeks ago we were off by a penny so my partner took the penny we have sitting aside (for undoing the battery compartments on things...) and this actually made me RELIEVED. Do I have a problem? Heh.