Saturday, July 23, 2005

Stream of consciousness

It's Friday afternoon, just went to the gym, do I need to do anything else before I go home? Oh yeah, Bed Bath & Beyond, I've been meaning to buy a new pillow. My neck has been killing me, maybe I'll buy one of those special neck pillows. Here I am in the store, look at all this stuff... wow, they deliver grills to the Fire Island ferries... but then what? Does the ferry let you carry a giant Weber grill on with you? Do they charge extra for that? There are those alarm clocks I looked at last time. My alarm clock is fine, I shouldn't buy a new one even though I've had it since college. Sheets! Wow, a whole set of nice ones, only $59.99! That's cheap, isn't it? Maybe not, I don't know... I haven't bought sheets in ages... yeah, I really should buy new sheets, I'll pick these up. Ok, pillows, downstairs... ooh, more sheets, these ones are even nicer, and only $79.99, which probably is pretty cheap since here are some other ones that are $149... but do I really want sheets? The ones I have are fine. And anyway, if I buy an apartment maybe I'll actually have a bedroom that isn't also my living room, and then I might want a whole new color scheme, I should wait. Ok, ditch the sheets. God, I'm going to spend a ton on decorating if I ever buy an apartment. Ok, pillows. Ooh, there's the neck pillow... memory foam... I don't know, it actually seems kind of creepy how it keeps the handprint... $90! for a pillow! The hell with that! Ok, here are the pillows I want... this one? That one? Geez, even these are $30, when did pillows get so expensive? I thought they were like $9.99... and pillow protectors, they have tons of these. Keeps pillows clean and sanitary, anti-allergen and bacteria, I should probably get some even though I suspect this is one of those made-up things that they invent a need for just to get people to spend money... $5.99 each, that is what the pillow should cost...Ok, let's go pay for this... here's the silverware, someday I'll buy new silverware... hey, ice cube trays for $2.99! That is something I should pick up, I only have one ice tray except for those stupid alphabet letter ones that don't work. Why do I only have one? Oh yeah, I used one for some art project, it's got ink in it... but do I need more ice? It's not like I have a lot of cocktail parties...and I don't use ice that often... well, they're only $2.99, I'll get them. More kitchen stuff, wasn't there something I wanted??? Oh, yeah, a wine holder for inside the fridge... they don't really make such a thing... I could invent one, make some money maybe... this soda can rack could work though, and it's only $2.99... made in China, everything is $2.99 and made in China... should I ditch the pillow protectors? No, I'll keep them. Ok, I'm going to pay and get out of here... at the register... neat-o, bleach pens! and toothpaste clips! Licorice Altoids! Chapstick! Get me out of here! $51.97 total. Not bad. I feel like I just went through an obstacle course.

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Jonathan said...

Bed Bath & Beyond has one of the most blatant impulse-item racks by all of their cash registers. I mean, a rubber mat to keep your cell phone from sliding around? for $10???