Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What I spent today

Breakfast: $1.60 for coffee and a banana, after eating cereal and a yogurt at home
Lunch: $0, brought it from home
Dinner: $0, will cook at home
Sailing lesssons:$195 for 4 weekend afternoons in Connecticut. They are less than half the price of sailing lessons in Manhattan.

Today's fun to necessity ratio: very high!


Anonymous said...

please keep it up - I walk among many college students who this site will benefit! Everyone, me too, needs help seeing need v. desire.

Anonymous said...

who buys the food you bring from home? sounds like way governments do math...

Madame X said...

Re. costs of food brought from home: In future posts I will detail my budgets for groceries, and other things like monthly transit pass, rent, etc that are daily costs that I don't actually pay daily.