Friday, July 08, 2005

What I spent...

This past week was pretty good. I was better about bringing breakfast and lunch from home, though I ate dinner out 2 nights. Groceries came to about $60. I bought some used books-- 3 for $23. I donated $100 to a worthy cause (sponsored a friend's lobbying efforts with the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, to prevent nuclear waste dumping on Native American lands). I bought new glasses-- $149, but that doesn't include the lenses and eye exam that I need because my prescription is too old. And I discovered a cheap treat: 25-cent ice cream sandwiches at the local deli. I bought one on my way home from watching the fireworks, and at first I thought the guy had made a mistake. Then because I was so shocked, I guess he decided that I must be a foreigner and asked me where I was from. He laughed really hard when I said "Two blocks over!"

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