Thursday, August 18, 2005


I went to a NY Liberty game the other night. Unfortunately, I did not get to see this particular match-up of players! But I did manage to spend $20 for a ticket (for a seat that normally costs $45 for season ticket holders or $54.50 full price) and about $40 for food for 3 people. Yes, they charge $6 for a can of beer at Madison Square Garden. Welcome to New York.
But the good news is that you get an enormous amount of food when you order the $6.25 chicken fingers. So I brought home leftovers! Who the hell brings home leftovers from a basketball game, you're thinking. Madame X does.


Dawn said...

First- Is there really that big of a height difference with those two?

Second- I think that is cool you brought home leftovers from the game!

Madame X said...

That photo is totally real! The one in front, Becky Hammon, is 5'7", I think, and I believe the other one is around 7' tall!
And the chicken fingers and a salad made a nice dinner the next night.

Caitlin said...

you totally made me go look at the WNBA site. Now I am actually considering watching the Sun-Liberty game this weekend. If you knew me, you'd be laughing right now.