Tuesday, August 30, 2005

NYC Gatorade Map

I've noticed that the price of a 20 oz bottle of Gatorade can vary quite a lot within New York City. $1.00 in some places, up to $2.00 elsewhere. I don't drink enough Gatorade for this to make a huge difference in my own finances, but I can't help being curious about why this is the case. Is it just what they think people in that neighborhood will pay? Is it due to a beverage distributor that covers a particular neighborhood? Are prices marked up in areas where there are likely to be thirsty joggers? So I have decided to create a map showing the price of Gatorade at different locations. (NOTE: I will limit this to single-bottle purchases in delis, which are presumably independent and don't have the bulk purchase advantage that chain stores would have.) Who knows, perhaps my research will reveal some interesting trends! My initial data points are noted below:

(Now readers can follow my travels around New York City via my Gatorade consumption.)


Caitlin said...

OMG this is just crying out for a google map hack! (Did I just geek that out loud? LOL)

Anonymous said...

Just a few other places...

$1.25 at 136th & Broadway at the Deli
$0.99 at C-Town on 134th & Broadway
$1.25 at 56th & 8th Street

lpkitten said...

haha...interesting out of all the things to compare you chose gatorade.

where are you buying them? it seems like for anything could vary significantly in cost from one store to another. retailers may mark up products if they have higher operating expenses or depending on the volume of product that they sell.

i know for example, my cat's food is $2 more expensive at the grocery store than it is at target

GoodGirlGoneGood said...

It's nice to know that something on the Upper West Side (i.e. 96th St.) is cheaper for once!