Sunday, September 25, 2005

Miscellaneous Spending

Here's my non-food expenditures over the past 2 weeks:
Haircut $80
Credit score $6.45
2 shirts on sale at the Gap $38.93
Laundry & drycleaning $23
Plus these regular monthly expenses:
Renter's insurance $12.66
NY Times subscription $37.00
Verizon phone bill $23.22

That's it.

There was also $10.28 for a tape measure at Home Depot but I returned it the next day when I managed to locate the one I already owned. I might have returned it even if I didn't already have one. The interesting thing about this tape measure was that it came in one of those plastic packages that hang on a hook. The plastic was impossible to tear off without scissors, but the tape measure was completely useable while still attached to the package. So I used it, and then returned it completely intact for full credit. It was the first time I was ever glad something came in one of those horrible nuclear-blast resistant plastic packs.

1 comment:

That Dagger said...

Ha! The tape measure experience was both brilliant and frugal. I also think it points out a common pitfall in many households. We lose something, replace it, find the original and simply say, "Oh well, now we have two."

p.s., I know I'm almost 2 years behind, but bear with me, I'm trying to catch up!