Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Cheap eats!

No one will ever mistake me for being one of the "ladies who lunch." I actually become rather anti-social when noon rolls around. But since I'm trying to save money on food, I figured I should also be better about business networking and bonding with clients, which conveniently allows me to expense more meals! I've booked two lunches in the next two weeks already! And who knows, this could eventually lead to a new job or a promotion, which would also benefit my bottom line. (And don't worry, I'm not talking about the kind of abusive unjustified spending that would get me fired.)

But when I'm not on the company's dime?
Half a tuna sandwich and some leftover steak is my new definition of "surf and turf."


Caitlin said...

good idea! our food spending has definitely dipped due to all my travel ("subsidized eats")

Anonymous said...

am surprised that you didn't reference this week's front-page times article on the apparent bursting of the housing bubble. thought you would have been all over that one...

Anonymous said...

i meant defensive. you sounded defensive, not offensive. or offended. i'm such a knucklehead sometimes.

your blog -- it's great! :)

Anonymous said...

I read another of your posts and saw you make about $80K, which I USED to make before taking a job in my hometown at $50K. And I was thinking to myself, wow, she still has to budget? I realize of course, the incredible expense of living in NYC.

Read your profile info with interest, and since this is all anonymous, it's fun to compare our financial lives.

Let's see. I'm 46, single and living in CT. Salary is $51K with the main job, then about another $7K annually with freelance income.

I own a home, put about 45% down 10 years ago, so my equity in it with great appreciation is about $320. My total net worth is about $600,000.

I'd like to retire (early) with a million, which i realize is quite a stretch with current income. If I marry my honey, our combined salaries will put us on Easy Street.