Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A strange calm...

Does anyone else feel like the last couple of days have been very quiet in terms of personal finance-related news? After all that housing bubble furor last week, suddenly there is a dearth of articles to tear out of the paper and blog about! Perhaps it is the calm before the storm....

As for my actual daily life, I'll tell you what I spent money on this past weekend:
Next Wave Festival at Brooklyn Academy of Music-- I went to a great Phillip Glass concert, a piece called Orion. We got good balcony seats for only $20 each. The piece featured a variety of soloists from various parts of the world, so it actually felt like 10 concerts for the price of one. Compared to what a movie costs these days, I think that is a real bargain.
Technically, I didn't spend money on the concert, as my date bought the tickets. But I sprung for dinner afterwards at the excellent Chez Oskar in Ft. Greene. Somehow the bill for 2 with entrees and drinks and dessert only came to about $70 before tip. I keep thinking this had to be a mistake, as the food was great and it seemed like it should have cost more!
All in all, it was a good Saturday night-- one of those rare occasions when I felt that I had taken full advantage of NYC's cultural & culinary resources.

What else... I had a freak-out when I thought my laptop had died and I would have to replace it, but it turned out to be a false alarm and cost me $0.

I tipped the locker room attendant at my gym $3 when she provided an iron for me to use to try to dry my jeans after being caught in a downpour. It did seem to work better than a hairdryer.

I spent about $20 on various snacks and meals, and another $40 or so on groceries.

And I had another minor windfall-- a gift of a bagful of US coins from a friend who who lives in London and won't be here to spend them. Almost $5 worth!


Anonymous said...

Your blog has inspired me to start my own. Hopefully it will give me the push I need to focus more on my networth. Thanks for the example that I hope to follow...

Caitlin said...

I bet the laptop just got overheated and had to sleep and cool off for a while (cpu's don't have underwear to stick in the freezer you know!) Glad it turned out ok.

Sat night sounds like a darn fine deal for a great evening