Saturday, November 05, 2005

Saturday Night Special Live Fever

I usually try to have a relatively internet-free weekend, but I'm online tonight doing a little homework for some open house attendance tomorrow.
So, I shall tell you that today I dumped a load of stuff at the Salvation Army, thereby collecting one handy tax deduction, and that I spent $3 on a hot dog and a bottle of water. (Yes, I'm against buying bottled water, but I forgot to bring my own.)
I also did a little browsing at J&R, the computer/music/electronics/small appliance/video/etc etc superstore on Park Row in Manhattan. I've always liked this store. When I was in high school and college, my Dad used to mail order stuff from J&R. Then when some friends first moved to NY after college and I was helping them move, they wanted to buy a stereo and started out by looking at all these sketchy places in midtown that made us all feel like we were being scammed. I told them there was this place called J&R that would be much more reliable-- none of us even knew where Park Row was, but we looked it up on a map and that was where they bought their stereo.
J&R has gotten about 10 times bigger since then and I am always kind of amused at the range of things they sell. Today's latest discoveries were a "sonic toothbrush," some kind of battery-powered, cartridge-loaded device that dies strands of color into your hair (The Conair QC1CS ProColor Accents), and a $49.99 chocolate fountain! I had already seen a chocolate fountain in action at a party a few months ago. It was in a sort of low-light situation and at first no one knew what it was, but it ended up being quite the object of delight and fascination. But do you really need to own one?!? What do people do, sit around on a Saturday night and say "hey, honey, let's watch a movie and fire up the chocolate fountain!" Actually, the chocolate fountain is so visually mesmerizing, you might end up watching it instead of the movie. A little fondue now and then is a lovely thing, I'm sure, but that is why people are supposed to own fondue pots, not chocolate fountains. And anyway, what about cheese fondue? Can you even use it for cheese? Why don't they market it as a "Cheese Fountain?" Does that just make it start to sound a little gross?
The other funny thing I saw for sale today, in a drug store, was a line of products under the brand name "Bald Guyz" which included "Bald Guyz Head Wipes." I think that is what hankerchiefs and bandannas used to be for. And finally, there was the "Conair Body Benefits Remote Control Foot Spa." Remote control? Just how far away is anyone going to get from their own feet?

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Caitlin said...

I love J&R...I have made many a happy internet electronics purchase through them. chocolate fountain, eh? why does that make me feel like we're in the middle of the american version of the fall of rome? ;)