Friday, November 11, 2005

What Does This Say about Today's Market???

Here's the update: I did send my very cordial, reasoned, nicely worded email to the seller, and we'll see what he says.
But get this: literally the second before I was about to hit send, an email pops up from the broker who showed me this apartment, saying it looks like the buyer won't pass the co-op board and my offer might be reconsidered! Given that the best feature of that apartment was its lovely outdoor space, November is not the best time for the seller to have it on the market, so now I have to reconsider my offer there.
And then, this really takes the cake: about an hour after I get that email, I get an email from another broker, telling me that a previously sold-out condo development I was interested in now has 2 units that didn't go to contract and are back on the market!
Next I'll be getting a call begging me to live in Trump Tower...

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