Monday, December 05, 2005

I'm back

Boy is it not fun coming back to cold, grey, snowy NYC after a week in warmer southwestern climates. I have a horrendous sore neck and back, partially from carrying luggage and sitting in airplane seats and partially from shivering in the cold. Tylenol just isn't cutting it, and of course I start to think about how much money people pay for illicit drugs because they are desperate not to be in pain! How much would I pay to just make it disappear? I don't know, and I suppose there is no point in worrying about that now anyway. I think I will go for a swim tonight to try to loosen myself up. And if that doesn't work, there's always crack.

I am trying to get all my finances in order after being away. My paycheck was direct deposited in my absence, so that needs to be entered in Quicken. The good news is that on this last paycheck, I hit my maximum of $14,000 for 401k contributions. I've had my deduction set at 50% for my last couple of paychecks!
What else. I have bills to pay. I have to deposit a dental insurance reimbursement check. I just did my latest business expense report, and I'll have over $1100 worth of reimbursement coming in the next few days. And I'll have to set up an account in Quicken for my leftover Mexican pesos, all 6 of them! The foreign currency accounts are a bit of a nuisance to maintain, as I currently have small amounts in British pounds, Euros, New Zealand dollars, Canadian dollars, and now Mexican pesos. (I drew the line at trying to account for my old francs, lira and deutsche marks!) But it's nice to keep track of what spare change I have for future travels, and I usually remember to take them out and bring them with me on the next trip.

And when I get all of this stuff entered into Quicken, I'm hoping that I will still be closing in on my $250,000 year-end net worth goal, since most of my closing costs for the apartment won't hit until next year. But there is still Xmas shopping to do... uh oh...

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