Friday, December 09, 2005

Recent spending

Still catching up on November!
Here's the scoop:
Clothing $133 for a parka from REI that I need to return, and something at Banana Republic that I don't even remember buying. I'm going to have to look into that! I vaguely recall being in Banana Republic, but lately I have been feeling like all my clothes are old and cruddy, so if I have something new that I could be wearing, I'd like to remember what it is.
Dining $491 another good month of not eating out too much!
Entertainment $20 someone told me a good joke so I gave them $20. No, actually it was a movie rental and a book, technically a reference book so not exactly entertaining.
Gifts given $37
Household $22 laundry and some drugstore stuff
Misc $46 some postage and being short-changed $20 when I exchanged dollars for Mexican pesos
Travel $91 a train ticket to visit a friend and my usual subway pass
Telephone $79
And then the usual rent, AOL, insurance, newspaper subscription, taxes, etc etc.

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Anonymous said...

If I lived in NYC, I'd eat out every day. So much good food and so close.

I'm ashamed to say I keep getting Boston Gal's Open Wallet and your site mixed up! I added you to my Blogroll (thought you were already there), keep up the interesting writing!