Friday, December 16, 2005


I'm about to go out for lunch, as I didn't brownbag it today. I will probably also do some Xmas shopping while I'm out. As usual, I have procrastinated until almost the bitter end and I still have a couple of people left to buy for, and of course they are important people!
I hate Xmas shopping. I like giving gifts when I find things that I know someone will like. Usually this happens as far as possible from their birthday or Xmas, and I just want to give it to them anyway. And then when the actual occasions come around, I panic. I hate giving stupid little tchotchkes, and getting them--I'd rather people gave me nothing. I have a big family, so Xmas is a bit daunting, but fortunately they all like books, which are something I can easily get for cheap or free! But I do end up buying other gifts, especially for my immediate family.

I haven't spent much money this week. I was away on business part of the time, and then spent $30 on a nice dinner out (at a restaurant that does a 2-for-1 entree deal), $6.77 on breakfast, $5.42 on lunch not counting today, and $10 on my contribution to a group gift for the office cleaning lady. Also, thanks to an excellent suggestion from Savvy Saver, I bought the exact Lucky jeans I wanted on eBay for $46, brand new at less than half price!


ed said...

eBay is great, but watch out for fakes!

. said...

Madame X - are you sure that wasn't my post that inspired you to shop on eBay??? :-)