Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New link: Matrix

I keep finding lots of new blogs to read and it's hard to keep up with them! I realized I didn't have a link to one of my favorites, Matrix. From their "about" page:
Launched in August 2005, Matrix is an attempt to cull together items of interest or relevance in the real estate economy.
The author is one of the founders of a real estate appraisal firm called MillerSamuel. They collect and interpret a lot of real estate and economic data. I first discovered them through some of the interesting charts they post on Curbed.
They always seem to put a slightly different spin on things than any of the other sites I read, always good food for thought, especially for someone like me who needs balanced views on whether there is a real estate bubble in NYC to keep her from getting an ulcer over her own apartment purchase!

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