Tuesday, January 24, 2006

($*%&(@$* Quicken

Wow, I almost deleted this email without reading it, but it's a good thing I didn't.

This sucks! I have become totally addicted to downloading my credit card transactions and stock prices!
I hate when software companies do things like this. I was perfectly happy using my current version of Quicken. Now I am going to have to read all this fine print and see what it will take to upgrade. And it's going to cost me $50!


Anonymous said...

Don't know if you've tried moneydance or not. If you haven't, give it a shot - the free trial allows up to 100 transactions before requiring a purchase, and it's only $30. I know it's not as feature-filled as quicken, but you can see if it meets your needs.

Caitlin said...

I feel your pain...I truly do. I went through this basically about a year ago only in reverse. I had "upgraded" to 2005 and phase one of their "sunset" program was to not support QIF in v. 2005 for certain *types* of accounts including bank accounts. My main checking account stopped working, my paypal downloads stopped working etc.

Why they think it's perfectly ok to break their own software is beyond me. It took a year for my bank to upgrade it's software and in the meantime I nearly left (and still might). Paypal is still busted.

And every year they issue an "upgrade" to their software that costs as much as a new program (ooooh, I get a whole $10 off if I have the previous version?) - it's like renting software for $4/month -- buggy software that is VERY poorly supported at that.

Yeah, I'm bitter (it's mostly due to a corrupt file that they have yet to fix which resulted in irretrievable data loss and hours on the phone)

...and still using their software. But bitterly. ;)

Anonymous said...

just use bit torrent to download 2006 version for free, I did and it works perfect.

MontanaMillionaire said...

One way that I stay current on my Quicken software is to watch for rebates in conjunction with tax software. I have done this the last few times that I have bought my tax software and generally Quicken Deluxe is free after rebate when buying Turbo Tax.

In fact, yesterday I received $70 in rebate checks for Quicken, Turbo Tax and a shredder. My original cost was about $100 if I remember right. So, I got Quicken 2006 Deluxe, Turbo Tax Deluxe (includes state taxes and It's Deductible to value charitable deductions) and a new shredder.


Anonymous said...

I'd be very leery of downloading a pirated software program from bit torrent and then inputing into it all my personal financial information that includes bank and brokerage login information. Seriously. It would take me maybe 2 hours to write a wrapper script around quicken that uploads all your information to me each time the app is started.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why people complain about Quicken and MS Money. Read Fatwallet.com hot deals. Every year on Black Friday Staples or Best Buy or some place will have Quicken, Ms Money, Norton Anti Virus, Norton System Works and Norton Internet Security for free after rebate.

Ever year I buy Quicken and Norton System Works and Norton Internet Security. Best part of it this year you made $30 bucks profit for buying Norton System Works pro $79.99P,Quicken 2006 basic $29.9 and Norton Internet Security $49.99 because on the thread on Fatwallet there was a coupon code you could use on staples.com $15 of $75. So I placed 2 orders and used the coupon 1X on each order.

JLP said...

Yeah, that stinks. Companies should not be allowed to do that. They are FORCING you to upgrade and I think that is wrong.

Personally, I don't like ANY of the personal finance software available. They are either too cumbersome to use or they won't let me do what I want to do. I hate the categories in Microsoft Money and yet I haven't found a way to go in an delete them easily.

Anyway, they all stink.

Anonymous said...

An economical way to get Quicken 2006 versions is to download the application from a legitimate web site. For example, TekDealers.com is selling a download of Quicken 2006 Deluxe for $15.95. They will also send you a backup copy on a CD for an additional $4.99. At that price, you can update every two or 3 years for less than the price of a lunch.