Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Some apartments for sale

Here's something kind of funny-- I saw this apartment listed on the NY Times website and immediately recognized it as the former home of a friend of mine. She rented it for around $1200, I think, about 7 years ago. Now they are asking $337k and the maintenance is $500 a month, which would work out to monthly costs of at least $2100 or so, with a 20% down payment.
One thing to note is that the "bedroom" is really more of an alcove-- there is no window, and no actual door separating it from the rest of the apartment. So it's really more of a studio-plus.
It's in a good location and it's nice that you can share the roof rights but I think someone is getting a little greedy! I wonder if it will sell... quite a few places I looked at over the last few months are still on the market. Actually, I should qualify that-- the iffy/so-so apartments and complete dogs are still on the market. The nicer ones were snapped up, for the most part. The studio that I originally fell in love with (more of the saga here , here, and here) is actually still on the market-- I thought it had been grabbed after the first deal fell through, so maybe now a 2nd potential buyer has been rejected by the co-op board. This 1BR condo was also kind of cute, but the windows opened out onto a common deck area and a brick wall, so it could have been a nightmare in terms of noise and privacy. It's been on the market for at least 4 months as far as I know and they've never budged on the price. If it seems like a good deal, it isn't-- the taxes are outrageous, bringing the monthly cost of ownership to over $2500.
All in all, I still feel like I made the right choice. No regrets!


Caitlin said...

OMG you have to stop. Those cute little apartments are making me want to move to Park Slope. Which I *clearly* can't afford!

mapgirl said...

In the DC market, I learned that 'studio-plus' means 'Jr. 1-bedroom'. Realtors must be pretty darn optimistic people.