Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hello Finland!

Moi! Hauska tavata! En puhu suomea.*

I've had some visitors today from a link posted on a Finnish website:

Löysin mielenkiintoisen sivuja kun etsin englanninkielisiä keskusteluja säästämisestä, sijoittamisesta ym.
Tässä esim. yksi linkki: http://myopenwalle t.blogspot.com/

jossa voi seurata kuinka blogin kirjoittaja yrittää saada nettovarallisuutensa kasvamaan.
Olisi hauskaa jos suomenkielisillä sivustoilla olisi jotain vastaavaa.... Itse ainakin saan uusia vinkkejä yrittää saada itselleni säästöjä lukemalla miten muut ovat tehneet...

I have no idea what this says, as I can't find any online Finnish translation sites that actually work. I would love it if someone could tell me what it means!


*Hi! Nice to meet you! I don't speak Finnish!


Anonymous said...

I am so surprised that you have found that - as I just discovered your web site during the weekend and wanted to recommend it to other finnish people. Here's the translation " "I found interesting web sites, while looking for english discussions about saving, investing etc." - then I posted the link guiding to your site ( as I really think, it's fascinating!) - "where you can see how the blogwriter is trying to get her net worth to grow. It would so nice, if our finnish web sites would have something similar. As I myself, am trying to find new ways to get more money saved by reading what the other people have done" And it's also so interesting to hear how the life is in there. Although we live in different parts of the world, the issues with money seem to be so similar. Sorry for non-fluent english. Have a nice day!

Dawn said...

Very cool!

Madame X said...

Thank you Sari!

Anonymous said...

You are such the "Northern Lights" star! Congrats on the international shout out!

Bitty said...

How impressive that someone translated for you so quickly!

Very cool, indeed.

Anonymous said...

I am forever jealous of any person who says "sorry for my English". If I could write Finnish as well as that, it would go on my resume!