Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wallets are Opening Everywhere!

Here's a fun thing that's been going around: Cap of Stop Buying Crap posted photos of everything he keeps in his wallet, and others have followed suit in at least words, if not pictures (Chrees, All Things Financial, Financial Trainwreck, Consumerism Commentary, The Debt Defier).

A couple of weeks ago, I told you how much cash was in mine, so here's the full run-down on everything else that is squeezed in there:

Primary wallet: black nylon coin/card holder from Muji . This wallet is in my bag or coat pocket all the time.

In outside pocket:
Monthly Metrocard
$4 Metrocard bought when machine wasn't working to buy monthly card. Annoying.
Dry-cleaning ticket

United Mileage Plus Visa
Drivers license
Blockbuster card
Leftover LIRR transit strike tickets to be turned in for refund
TJ Maxx gift card
Best Buy gift card
Chase ATM card
Gym membership card
$8.14 cash

I also carry more cards in a Coach leather card holder. I don't carry this with me if I don't have my bag:
Another random Metrocard
Dental insurance card
Health insurance card
Business card from used bookstore where I have$14.35 trade-in credit
Unfilled prescription for some eye drops
LL Bean Visa
American Express
8 of my own business cards
ETrac Master Card good only for buying Metrocards
E*Trade ATM card that I never use
Once-punched frequent buyer card from a cafe that may have closed
Banana Republic charge card (I only opened it to get a discount. I will probably leave this at home.)
Brooklyn Public Library card
2 blank checks I had forgotten about, only there for possible real estate emergency needs!
And most useful of all, set of 4 credit-card size laminated maps: Manhattan subways, Brooklyn subways, Central Park, and streets of lower Manhattan. I love these. I'm always helping lost tourists. Not to mention myself!

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