Friday, February 10, 2006

What's so funny about peace, love and saving money?

I went to my local supermarket tonight, to buy something for dinner and stock up a bit before the blizzard that is supposed to come through. (The concept of stocking up before a blizzard always kind of makes me laugh. I read somewhere that the most-purchased thing in such occasions is PopTarts. What would Laura Ingalls Wilder say?)
Anyway, so I go to check out and I see all these signs by the register saying that this supermarket is introducing a new preferred customer card that will give members access to extra discounts. So of course I think that sounds good, and when the cashier has rung up my purchase (which included 5 cups of yogurt in order to take advantage of a 50-cent coupon), I ask, "How do I get that preferred customer card?"
The cashier laughs. Not all-out belly laughs, but she actually pulls her t-shirt up over her mouth to hide the giggly smirk that she can't suppress. I sign my receipt and just kind of raise my eyebrows, and she says, "uh, they'll have a table by the front door on Tuesday."
So I thank her and leave, and my head is just spinning with questions. Why was that so funny? Was I the only person who ever asked? Does the whole staff stand around after hours mocking all the dumb-asses who actually want discount cards? Is the whole thing just a sham? And anyway, why do they have the signs up today if I can't sign up til Tuesday? I never go to that supermarket on Tuesdays.
All the way home, I just kept thinking, why was she laughing? Why was she laughing? Why was she laughing? Why was she laughing?


Anonymous said...

what do you car ewhat some sub-human cashier thinks? Seriously. On the other hand, ever think she was just thinking about something else? Geez. Women are too worried about what other people think. Or, maybe you had snot on your upper lip.

Caitlin said...

She was probably laughing at the toast stuck on your crown. (or is that a stack of ;)

Single Ma said...

did you check your nose when you got to the car? lol

Madame X said...

sad to say, the snot explanation could well be the most likely!

SMB said...

Very funny post. :)

As for WHY she was laughing, maybe it's not "cool" to save money? She'll learn when she's paying all of her own bills.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she was laughing because what stores do with these cards is raise regular prices and then have sales where the sales price is higher or the same as the old regular price.

To the twit that thinks that being a cashier makes one sub-human, if you really want to see one all you have to do is look in the mirror.