Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A few tidbits... DSL, Amtrak, etc.

I decided to go for it and order DSL. I'm very pleased that I actually opened that piece of junk mail, as I had been holding out for a good deal and it seems I've gotten it. $2 more a month for highspeed internet-- now blogging from home won't be so painful! So instead of $23.90 a month for AOL, I'll now pay $10.95 a month for AOL and $14.95 for Verizon DSL, and there is a one-time $19.95 set-up fee. I probably could have gotten the DSL for this price before, but I never wanted to give up my AOL email address, and now I don't have to.

Remember the yucky Amtrak sandwich and fare discrepancy? They left me a message responding to my complaint, and I finally called them back today, and they very nicely agreed to give me a credit in the form of a voucher for $24.50 worth of future Amtrak travel. So that worked out well. I noticed that Dawn at Frugal for Life recently did a post about consumer complaints-- my 2 cents is that it's usually worth the few minutes it takes to complain. I have also occasionally written to a company praising their service, but I haven't gotten any freebies out of that yet! The last time I did it was when I was upgraded to business class on British Airways-- yes, the fabulous flat bed seat! I'm not sure why they upgraded me, as all I'd done was ask to be moved to an aisle seat, but it was a very pleasant experience and I thought I'd tell them so. I haven't had a chance to fly BA since, but I have this (probably futile) hope that they'll have me flagged in their system for special treatment again!

As for my expensive Quicken upgrade, I'm starting to wonder if it's gotten lost in the mail. I was not about to download it on dial-up, so I ordered a CD, which should have arrived last week. Usually things seem to come faster than expected here, so perhaps I am just being overly impatient.

And of all the silly things to worry about, I'm really annoyed that the supply room at work has stopped carrying my preferred brand of rollerball pen. I really, really don't want to have to go to Staples and buy my own!


mapgirl said...

Normally I don't talk to strangers, but once while I was on Amtrak leaving NYC, I met a guy who worked for Sprint. I told him that I liked my service a lot and he handed me some free phone cards. So you never know when something nice will come your way for a positive review.

Good on ya for getting high speed. The late night blogging shall begin! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of losing your aol account..even if you were to cancel your AOL, you can still keep your email because now AOL offers that for free. There, another $10 per month saved.

Caitlin said...

I am so excited for you! yippee!!

now you can use Skype and keep those phone bills super cheap too ;) Just a thought.