Friday, March 24, 2006

This Sunday is Mother's Day!!!

If you live in the UK, that is! This email gave me a heart attack:

I once sent flowers to someone in the UK and I've been on this mailing list ever since. But fortunately I have a couple extra months to send flowers to my Mom since we're both here in the USA!

Flowers are funny-- they are really kind of a waste of money when you think about it, but I do like sending them, and receiving them, at least when they're nice! The most beautiful flowers I ever got were from Zeze Florist in New York, as an apology for when someone mistakenly put my phone number in a book ad and I had thousands of voicemails the next day... it was a memorable experience all around!


Tiredbuthappy said...

Me, too, trainwreck!

Jeez, my heart is still pounding.

Single Ma said...

Madame X, you need to give us all a public apology. You probably caused a 1/2 million heart attacks today. LOL

I screamed all the way down the hall and asked my daughter to bring me my palm pilot to check for reminder malfunction, then my brain immediately began to calculate the cost of a non-budgeted gift and overnight shipping.

You wrong girl, you wrong!! LOL

Cap said...

ack. me too.

I read the title and I was like oh fark.

Mom2fur said...

Wow, I thought I'd passed through some kind of time warp, LOL! I had to stop and's March, not May!
I mean...I need time to drop unsubtle hints to my family as to what I want!

Anonymous said...

OMG - that was very scary. I was already planning a trip home to visit mom in my mind before I read the rest.