Friday, April 28, 2006

Poll: What is the largest amount of money you've ever held in your hand?

Have you ever touched a very large amount of money? It can be in cash or a check-- but only a real check made out to a real person, not one of those Ed McMahon "YOU may HAVE WON $10,000,000!!!" checks!

What is the largest amount of money you've ever held?
Under $500
Over $25,000
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Mine: $50,000, by check, from being bought out of my share of an apartment. There was something kind of freaky about it, seeing an amount that was almost equal to my salary at the time, just sitting there in one lump sum. Obviously it would have been even weirder if it had been cash.


Kimberly said...

Personally, the most I've held was the $4000+ in wedding gifts we received.

Professionally, I've held a check for $500,000.

Anonymous said...

I used to work at a bank, and distinctly remember the first time that I helped balance the vault. The Vault teller handed me a plastic wrapped bag of cash. "here hold this," she said. It was $250,000. In cash.

Adventures In Money Making said...

The the max i've ever recieved was from sale of a property for $150k.

K said...

Professionally- a check for $115,000 (I sell boats). Personally....only about $3,000. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

A check for about $1.2M; my dad was making a bank deposit for his business.

Bitty said...

Because I worked for a real estate attorney, I did hold some large checks and none are memorable. A million or so was probably the largest.

More fun was the one actually made out to ME in the amount of about $32,000, which was my severance pay when that same boss retired.

Unfortunately, my finances were in such a shambles between my having stayed there too long at low pay and being the single mother of three kids, so it didn't last long, but I did get out of debt and I re-roofed my house.

(Then there was more financial chaos later when it turned out he had underwithheld from that check by about $3000 and I had to pay IRS...)

Lots of us have jobs where we get to touch big money, as shown by the stats in your poll. It would be interesting to know how many actually touched big money that was theirs!

mapgirl said...

Oh hee hee. I misread. I have held about $14K in cash that I recall doing bank deposits for a family business. Money really does stink. A BAD funky stink.

But the most I've ever held was probably a $22K gift check for my condo down payment. And after that was a check for $750K paying an accounts receivable at work, for which I got a $1K bonus for collecting. But I don't really count that one since it wasn't anything to do with me. Though strangely I had a dream about winning the lottery the night before that check arrived.