Tuesday, April 11, 2006


There's a big feature on retirement in today's NY Times... I haven't had time to fully read everything but there were some interesting profiles of a variety of people and the status of their retirement plans, from a 33-year old lawyer who makes $130k a year but only has $4000 in her 401k to a 43-year old guy who makes $110k a year but cashed in his IRAs to finance his family's relocation to a waitress who makes at most $40k a year and has $18k in her 401k plan. It's always fascinating to me to hear the variety of attitudes about retirement, from people in their late 40s who have their heads in the sand and think it will all work out fine even though they haven't saved a penny, to people in their 20s who are very conscious of their retirement needs and goals and are already saving.

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IRA said...

$130k annual salary but only $4000 in her 401k? Ugh...not all that surprising, but it does make me cringe. I'm wondering if she has a lot of law school debt?