Sunday, April 16, 2006

Search fun... and another problem money can't solve

One of the nice things about starting a blog is that you learn some interesting things about how search engines work. Well, actually I'm not sure if I have learned anything, but I have definitely been amused and fascinated! I love seeing the strange ways people seem to have found my blog via searches-- here are a few phrases that have led people to this site over the last few months:
talking wallets for the blind
born with a silver spoon
my free annual credit report
cheap fun
flexible spending account
madame x
real estate bubble
aloe trade
retire on half a million
best eclair NYC
how much money did Ice Cube make in 2005
real estate comparison spreadsheet
money no see no hear
seven jeans worth the money
how much do hookers really cost
is 24000 enough to make a living
how to make money waitressing
which online broker for letting money sit
are there still lines at Trader Joe's
places that bottle Gatorade
and my favorite, the one I just discovered today, I am the #4 result on Google for "my wife makes me feel guilty"

The ones that are phrased as questions particularly crack me up. It makes me feel like some version of this gypsy fortune teller machihe thingie that they had at this amusement park I used to love as a kid, or my old magic 8-ball... I feel like I should add some sort of random answer generator on my site, so I can say "YES! seven jeans are worth the money" or "$3 MILLION! is how much Ice Cube made in 2005."

As for the problem money can't solve... I have the hiccups right now.


Anonymous said...

LOL... drinking water upside down always works for me. Gotta dislodge that trapped air. =)

Anonymous said...

This one sounds gross, but try it. It always works. Put a dry paper towel over the top of a glass of water. Drink some of the water through the paper towel.

Everyone laughs at this idea, but it has never failed yet!

Anonymous said...

what do you mean money can't solve it? Try filling your lungs and mouth up with air and holding your breath while balancing a quarter on the tip of your nose.

Michael said...

Yes, Google searches can make for great reading.

I seem to be a magnet for all the "How do I keep from giving my tax refund to my bk trustee" searches here lately.

Marshall Middle said...

I enjoy reading your site and have added it to my blog. I would be honored if you returned the favor.

Anonymous said...

I didn't need no stinkin search engine.

I found the famous Madame X in the Business Week article...All 3 lines of it in the sidebar.

I don't remember an article about eclairs though. I wouldn't forget important stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

jmulli10, you wouldn't forget anything as important as eclairs, just your daughter's birthday......

prof Chaos & Dr. Doom