Thursday, May 11, 2006

More Clothing I Didn't Buy

I don't like to wear clothes with sayings on them, but I applaud the sentiment here! I think it was also on super markdown because it was slightly damaged, so some frugal financial person probably snatched it off the rack at Century 21 shortly after I took this photo.


mapgirl said...

I was in NYC last month when it was all rainy. I walked into the Century 21 near the WTC site and bought some dry socks for cheap. I had to tell my frugal hostess in mid-town about it. She promises me she'll check it out.

I *heart* Century 21. But I admit, it was a bit of a zoo there.

Anonymous said...

I don't like words on my clothes either, but I prefer that message to one I saw on a young woman recently that said "the joy that only bling can bring". It made me want to throw up!

Anonymous said...

I saw one "I'm Ms. Jones - Just try to keep up with me - I'll still win"