Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Yesterday, I finally buckled down to tackle a few things on my To-Do list. First off, I called my credit card company about that late fee and finance charge on the day-late payment last month. Sure enough, I asked them to refund the fees and they did! The customer service agent I spoke to was a little scoldy about it, saying that they have to charge those fees even for payments that are only one day late and regardless of the customer's record, but she didn't hesitate at all in saying yes to the refund. So that is $66.97 back in my pocket!
I also spoke to an insurance agent to get a quote for my homeowner's insurance for the condo. I need to get a couple bits of information before I can be 100% sure of the pricing, and I plan to get a couple more quotes from other companies, but the good news is that it looks like the insurance will cost way less than I had been thinking it might. I had been budgeting $75 a month but it will probably end up being half that.
Now I just need to get this closing done and move into my new home so I can start spending all this money I'm saving elsewhere. At a minimum, I'll need curtains or blinds, a bed frame, and a chair to sit in when I'm having cocktails out on my terrace.
The construction is almost finished but I still don't have a closing date-- and now it looks like my current landlord wants me out by August 1, so things had better happen fast!


mapgirl said...

Yay! Good luck!

Single Ma said...

Wonderful news! I know how excited you must be. I remember the balancing act with the builder and my landlord. It was no fun but it all worked out. Good luck to you!

Bitty said...

I'm living vicariously through you regarding this new home, so yay! (My daughter, too, is about to buy a home, but they're staying with relatives, so no such tightrope walking. They're able to close as soon as the sellers are able to move out.)

As Alberto was threatening us in Florida this week, various talking heads were reminding us what to do to get ready, and one mentioned that we should read our insurance policies so that we know what we are and aren't covered for. The "head" said that not all policies are the same.

So I pass that on to you as you shop for insurance.