Friday, June 16, 2006

Why you should always take advantage of free things

Holy Crap. I just read that Prince and Maceo Parker played a concert in Prospect Park last night!

There is a series of free summer concerts called Celebrate Brooklyn. (They suggest a $3 donation if you get into the actual seating area, but you can also sit on the lawn nearby and hear perfectly well, and even see the whole show, depending on where you're standing.) Usually I'll manage to go to a couple of these concerts each summer but I hadn't really checked the schedule yet this year. If I had seen that Maceo Parker would be playing, I definitely would have gone-- I mean, come on, he played with my main man James Brown! And though Prince is not actually one of my huge favorites, I do like some of his music a lot and I'm sure he puts on a great show-- and how cool is it that he showed up at a free concert in Prospect Park as a complete surprise! Apparently word spread fast, as they even announced it over the loudspeaker at the Food Co-op!

I'll have to do a post about all the free stuff that happens in the summer here. Concerts, Shakespeare in the Park, outdoor movies, kayaking, etc etc. There are so many free things to do, I don't know how anyone has time for the things you have to pay for!

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Anonymous said...

This may sound abit off the subject and odd... but I (with a lot of people in our bacholerette party) had drinks with Prince in Vegas in April in the club Pure...

I completely forgot about it until i read your entry. Gosh, I must have been very drunk.