Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Free Stuff

I've been on a free entertainment kick lately. Last Friday afternoon I was hanging out in Prospect Park and heard the Brooklyn Philharmonic's rehearsal for their concert that night: free classical music without the crowds. Then I was invited to a free cruise around the New York harbor over the weekend, but that ended up costing me $21 for drinks. And then last night I was the recipient of a surprise free ticket to the Yankees game-- but again, it's not quite free when you figure in the refreshments: $32 for 2 beers, 2 hotdogs, and a bag of peanuts!
It was a sweltering night at the Stadium, so the beer was truly needed! And here's a funny end to the story that is related to my "Usage of Inventory" post: when I got home from the game, I really wanted to take a cold shower to cool off. (You know how they say "ladies don't sweat, they perspire?" Well, sometimes I ain't no lady and last night was one of those times!) But then I remembered that what I had planned to do after work was pick up my laundry and all my towels were either in that load of wash, or packed in boxes around my breakable items! Fortunately I do have a lot of extra dish-drying towels, so I just used those. But note to self for the next couple of weeks: yes, you can get by with only 3 or 4 bath towels, but don't put them all in the wash at once!


Anonymous said...

Isn't that annoying, how drinks can break the bank? I sometimes go out for appetizers and drinks, thinking I am saving money because I am not having dinner. Ha! I actually spend more when I do that! But it looks odd not to have a drink when everyone else has one. I guess the key is ordering just one.

Anonymous said...

The concession prices at Yankee Stadium are completely insulting. I went to a game last week and will never go again, even with free tix. $8.75 for a 16 oz. crappy miller lite. $6.75 for a nasty dirty water dog. then those guys want a tip to boot. Just a complete waste of money and i'm a die-hard fan too. All this to make those dickhead players rich.