Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cash on Hand

Currently, $440.14!!
I never carry this much cash around. In fact, I'm not carrying it around-- I stashed $300 at home because I was nervous about it! I went out with a group of friends, and took $200 out of an ATM beforehand, figuring it would be a long evening full of expensive debauchery. And it kind of was, but somehow I ended up being the one who settled the bill on my credit card, so everyone else gave me cash! It was such a big wad, it barely fit in my wallet.
Anyway, that should save me from having to go to an ATM for a while.
And here's a handy dandy trick-- did you know that some cell phones now come with built in tip calculators? One of my friends had one... nice, I guess, even though I was able to do the math in my head in less time than it took her to figure out how to tap in all the numbers!


Kira said...

Yeah, I feel very self conscious carrying a big wad of cash.. either people are going to think I am snobby and rich and showing off, or they are going to think I am rich and I will get mugged. So not good either way.. but I prefer the former.

Unknown said...

I think your philosophy isn't wise. Emergency cash is always a good thing to have around. During the blackout, for example, ATMs and credit card machines failed. Same situation for Hurricane Katrina.

Cash is King in a crisis, and that big balance at Emigrant isn't going to do shit for you if you cant get to it when you need it. My own view is that you should have enough cash to cover your family's expenses, for a week, in a crisis. Its cheap insurance.

Anonymous said...

Agree, it's not a bad idea to always keep some cash stashed away for an emergency.

BTW, I find that the people who carry the most cash are usually the poorest - i.e. folks with no bank accounts, who work off the books, etc. I remember one year, the super of my building got mugged after receiving his holiday tips - must have been around $500 cash. I think the muggers know what time of the week/month people cash their checks, etc.

If I were a mugger, I would avoid mugging anybody who looked rich - they carry hardly any cash, only credit cards, simply sign for things at their regular haunts, and have everything delivered. That is unless, I was really after their $10,000 Hermes bag or something - LOL.