Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I Could Move to Central Park West

Thanks to Urban Digs, I spotted this sweet deal: a studio on Central Park West at 82nd St., in a doorman building with a roofdeck, for only $249,000! Too good to be true? A little... the co-op requires a down payment of at least 35%. There is also the maintenance of $488 a month. But I might have been able to swing it if I wasn't already buying another condo. I estimate the down payment and closing costs would leave me with savings of only about 4 months living expenses on hand in cash and CDs. But maybe the board would go for it based on my good credit rating and the additional retirement savings I could draw on in an emergency. (Not to mention my charisma and good looks.)
Oh well. I don't really like the Upper West Side that much anyway. And I'm tired of living in small studios. I think I stick with Plan A!


Denise Mall said...

340 sqft. I am in shock. I would love to live in the city. But dang, it's expensive. I could have that whole house with a lot 100x330 that we are disputing here, for that. Wow.

Once again I am led to believe we are in a very reasonable area for property. If you get transferred to Chicago, let me know - I'll see what kind of mansion we can get you.

mOOm said...

Yeah, but its Central Park West! What would it cost on Michigan Ave?

Anonymous said...

yeah but central park west is zombie land. about as fun as driving a nail through my head.

calgirlfinance said...

If I were still in NY, and planning on staying there for a while, I would go for it. I love the UWS! But who knows if the coop board would accept me.