Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Contest: What Jobs Have I Had?

So often we focus on how we manage our money, as opposed to how we've made it in the first place. Setting aside for the moment the issue of inherited wealth and lottery winnings, think of all the different kinds of work there are and the different kinds of compensation they offer. And is the work easy or difficult? Fun or boring? Some people stay in the same job for years, others have done all kinds of crazy things to make a buck. I was surprised to see a friend's listing of previous jobs which included gardener, fruit-picker, plasterer, PR manager, security guard, costumed fairy character, and several more that I never would have guessed at. Do you have any strange jobs in your past that don't relate to your current career? Which of them paid the best?
See if you can guess which of these things I have done to make money. You can vote for multiple answers if you want.

How has Madame X earned money?
Mystery Shopper
Administrative Assistant
Elephant Trainer
Runway Model
Retail Clerk
Omelette Maker
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We'll see how the results look next week and I'll let you know which of these things I've actually done, and talk about what I earned. Whoever comments or emails me the most correct guess at my job history will earn the coveted "[your name here] is wicked awesome" banner at the top of this site for 2 weeks, which was previously enjoyed by Hazzard when he won the wine cork contest.
Good luck everyone!


Anonymous said...

There is no doubt in my mind that you've made money doing each and every one of these things.

Anonymous said...

I vote for everything except runway model and elephant trainer.

However, I would not be surprised if the omlette maker job does not exist.

Bean Counter

Anonymous said...

I'd say everything but the elephant trainer!

How funny: I bet a lot of us have had random, strange jobs to pull in some cash!
In college I worked (briefly) at a lazer-tag obstacle course attached to a mall. (Classy!) Lets just summarize it with: bad techno, dry ice, teenage boys with lazer guns, and a requirement to wear a girl-astronaunt costume (silver miniskirt). Dreadful!

SEO Speaker said...

Hey-What about your job at Hooter's when you were earning $40k a year ?http://myopenwallet.blogspot.com/2006/04/miscellaneous-news.html

Madame X said...

Oh no, a spoiler!

GolbGuru said...

I know it sounds crazy, but I have had just ONE job (fortunately still paying) ever since I have started earning :).

Looks like, except the "elephant trainer" and omelette maker, you have had your hand in everything. If you did train elephants that would be wicked awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Well I was going to say elephant trainer, runway model and mystery shopper, but now I have to amend that to say elephant trainer, runway model, mystery shopper and retail clerk.

I am so going to win this.

Dwight said...

I assume "dominatrix" isn't on the list as it is a future job? ;)