Monday, October 30, 2006


Everything is coming down to the wire. Actually, it's already a little past the wire-- I was hoping to move straight in to my new condo from the sublet where I'm staying, but it's not going to work. So I'm going to stay with family for a couple days in between. At least it will be free! And that is one stress I'm slightly relieved of-- at one point, I thought we'd close the day before I had to be out of the sublet, and then I'd have to move right in. The timing left no room for flexibility and the logistics of it were making me really anxious. But now, if I need a little buffer, I'll be okay.
I've been assured that work is being done on my new place as we speak-- they make it sound as if an army has descended upon my condo to whip it into shape.
My brain is buzzing with all these things I have to do before the closing, and immediately after. And of course the media has conveniently been printing lots of depressing housing stats. I keep thinking about how much cash I am about to kiss goodbye.
And then, for some odd reason, I keep thinking about perfume. A couple of months ago, I fell in love with this perfume that I happened to try in a store. I hardly ever even go into stores that sell perfume, and when I do, I don't tend to like any of them enough to ever think about spending money on them. But this time, I actually tried one and really wanted it. Of course the financial lobe of my brain kicked in and I didn't buy it. Instead, I dropped a couple of hints that it would be an excellent thing for someone to give me for my upcoming birthday. But the birthday came and went and no one gave me the damn perfume.
There is one store here that I know must sell it. I have no reason to walk past there, so I've been good so far, but I keep having these impulses to go down there and just buy it! I could start hinting again to see if I get it for Christmas, but I think I just want to spend a little money on something crazy. Perfume seems to epitomize that kind of crazy-- it's incredibly expensive on a dollar per ounce basis-- this one is around $20 per ounce, which actually probably isn't that bad as perfumes go. And perfume is just so quintessentially indulgent and impractical. There is definitely some kind of weird displacement going on here... maybe I'll buy it tonight! Or later this week, at least. I want to smell nice at my closing...


Anonymous said...

I think its OK to get yourself something to celebrate. It's not like you buy your first home every week.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit being a very savvy investor I do not meet many women that also love to be investors. I think its badass to meet or should I say find women like you online that show what you know and are passionate about it. I'm almost turned on without even knowing you. hahaha. Okay. as you can seem I'm a big nerd. I hope I become a superstar blogger some day. I think just writing about my roommates is scarey enough.

I hope the financial blog world flourishes with females! ha ha.

stay cool. -P

Bitty said...

And to really save dough, you can stop by the fragrance counter samples and spritz a little on before the closing...for free!

(Happy late birthday!)

Anonymous said...

Maybe Paul Meyer can buy you some of the perfume ...