Thursday, October 05, 2006

Will Naked Breast Photos Lead to $10,000 Payment?

No, I am not offering photos of my breasts in exchange for cash. But this was my favorite little item in today's New York Times:

Germany: Police Hunt Breast-Enlargement Cheats

A plastic surgeon in Cologne who says he was cheated out of payment for breast enlargements has given pictures of the women’s breasts to the police, in the hope that the photos will help trace them. The surgeon, Michael Koenig, said that the women used fake names, the mass-market newspaper Bild reported. One woman, he said, went out for “fresh air” after a $10,000 operation to enlarge her breasts and “never came back and never paid.” Bild published a wanted poster, of sorts: a five-column picture of that woman’s naked breasts. Dr. Koenig said he would now demand payment in advance.


Maria said...

Do you think they'll have a line up?

Single Ma said...

Girl, I clicked on your blog from the office earlier today. I am so mad at you! LOL

I wonder if they'll call the breast detective?

makingourway said...

Does he do pectoral implants?