Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Holiday Shopping

It was interesting to read all the news reports about Black Friday that seemed to contradict what I experienced and saw during the past weekend. But WalMart reported poor sales... I came back to NYC wanting to do an experiment: are high-end, expensive luxury goods stores crowded and doing well? Are lower-end stores like WalMart struggling? I haven't had time to visit any Madison Avenue boutiques yet, but does anyone else have any anecdotal evidence??


Anonymous said...

I've read things here and there which suggest that the luxury market has not slowed down but is in fact booming...I think that this may be related to your Monday post :)

Anonymous said...

I've read stories over the last two years showing that luxury goods and items are hot sellers, but discount shopping has declined. And I read a story in USA Today yesterday showing that people were looking like crazy online, but the majority of folks didn't actually buy anything in their virtual shopping baskets. I think it's indicative of a growing wealth gap in the US. The poor are always getting poorer, the middle class is losing it's grip but the rich are continuing to get richer.