Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Posting Frequency

Just wanted to say that I haven't been posting as much as I otherwise might over the past couple of months because I haven't had internet access at home, and it's hard for me to find enough time during the work day to comment on all the interesting news items I've heard about on the radio in the morning, or read in the day's paper. But soon I should be back up to speed!
But it made me wonder, how much time do people spend doing non-work stuff during work hours? How much do you estimate you get paid for time you spend on personal stuff such as blogging, web-surfing, emailing friends, etc?
I am paid a flat salary and I've always thought I work enough hours beyond what I am officially paid for that it probably all comes out in the wash, so I don't feel guilty about taking a few minutes off to post something. (Even if it is still technically against the company's computer-use policy!) But I'd prefer to do more of it at home.

What percentage of work time do you spend on personal matters?
More than 50%
I get paid to do nothing but goof off.
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Bitty said...

Ok, so I'm one of the 8 who said I do nothing but goof off, but it's not true. There was no option for me. I work at my house and at my office. I too am on salary, and nobody really cares how I use the work computer as long as I'm not abusing it or committing crimes. And that's one of the many wonderful thing about my job.

So the question is really unanswerable for me within the options offered. Now excuse me while I go do some more goofing off.

(What is one to do when she can't read the security word because it's so stylized? Is that an "m"? Two "v"s? An "n" and a "v"? Geez, Blogger. NOTE: At least the second word offered was legible so now we can all read my brilliant comment.)

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