Friday, December 15, 2006

Foreign Currency

Well, all yesterday's confusion led to one good thing: I now only have 18 cents worth of Canadian money! It's always a game-- it's good to keep a little foreign currency left over, if you know you're going back, but it's a pain if it is all in small coins. So I'm glad I'm down to so few-- I hardly ever spend much cash on my quick trips to Canada, but next time I go, I'll take $20 out of an ATM and start the whole thing all over again!
Here's the rest of my foreign holdings:
$29.50 New Zealand dollars
$3.45 UK pounds
$10.45 Euros
6 Mexican pesos

Since I have so many NZ dollars, I think I want to go back there for my next trip! You can see some photos from my last one in this post. For the past year or so, I have been very home-bound, after several years where I did a fair amount of vacation traveling, to New Zealand, Portugal, and France, most notably. Now that I have bought a home, I'm anxious to start leaving it behind while visiting some exciting new destinations! I've always kept $3-4,000 a year in my budget for travel-- I won't use all of it this year, though I did use more than I thought. Now that I have a cute little niece and nephew, family visits have become a bigger factor. But I love exploring new places, so pretty soon I plan to start maxing out that travel budget again!


Su Yin said...

New Zealand's silver coins have been changed recently, so the one(s) you have won't be legal tender anymore unless exchange it at the Reserve Bank.

More info here:

Janet said...

that's a large travel budget! i hope to do more overseas travel myself especially to Europe.

nice photos, btw!

Anonymous said...

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