Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Money Mystery

Verizon has sent me two checks recently, supposedly as a refund of a credit balance... but I have no idea why. Maybe that bitchy customer service rep felt guilty or something? These haven't been large credits, only about $25 in total. All I can think is that it somehow relates to the fact that the installation of my land line has been delayed and won't happen until tomorrow. Whatever it's for, it's a relief, as my cell phone bills have been insane these last few months. I don't know why I never tried to get my minutes increased. But now that it's finally about to happen, I am so happy that I'll have internet access from home again. I've had to cut back on my blogging, and blog-reading time while only being able to do it from work!
And maybe I'll have another crazy customer service story to tell: Verizon told me that if I signed up for their high-speed DSL, as opposed to the medium-speed I had before, AOL will waive my monthly fee entirely while letting me keep my email address. Of course anyone can now get an AOL email address for free, but I found it hard to believe that they'd let me just opt to stop paying without there being some kind of hassle about it! We shall see!


Anonymous said...

I didn't think an "opt out" was a choice with AOL either. However, I gave it a shot, and a very nice customer service rep processed my request with no questions. I haven't paid since. They actually did what they said they were going to....astounding.

Anonymous said...

I had a very strange experience with AOL. I signed up to get free service for a month (or whatever), and then, when the free service period ended, I called to cancel, and they extended... And extended it again... And again... So, basically I had free service for a really long time. I finally really had to cancel, because I was moving, and the guy kept me on the phone forever, like he was unable to deal with my actually cancelling. So maybe they finally decided to formally offer free service, since they essentially were giving it away anyway?