Thursday, January 11, 2007

2006: the random stuff

One thing I hadn't looked at yet in my 2006 recap was the effect of random, unknown factors!
On the good side, I had income from "Found Money" of $7.77! On the bad side, I had "Balance Adjustments" totalling a loss of $107.00, which is really annoying. There were positive and negative adjustments throughout the year, some of which cancelled each other out, but it still bothers me that I can't account for $107.00! In 2005, I only lost $30.13 to balance adjustments. I wonder if this means I am starting to get forgetful in my old age. If my loss to balance adjustments triples every year, I'll have a net worth of about -$1,000,000 (yes, negative!) by 2015-- no kidding, I did the math!


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this is one stupid post!

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It's neat that your "found money" equals $7.77!