Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More spendy spendy

I'm starting to feel like I'm blogging about my conversion into a shopaholic... This weekend I bought a chair (another outdoor item, bought off-season and on sale at Overstock.com), and some more paint for my apartment, as the decorating binge continues. I also recently spent almost $100 on pillows. This is the kind of thing I told myself I wouldn't do. Any moron can make a pillow, even one as sewing-challenged as I am. Actually, since I don't have a sewing machine I just planned to send fabric to my mother and ask her to make me some pillows, but as it turned out, I found some at Pier 1 that were exactly what I wanted, so I just bought them. Part of the problem was that I had just been at ABC Carpet & Home, where you're lucky if you can find a $75 pillow on the sale shelf, so the $25 ones at Pier 1 seemed reasonable in comparison.
I also just bought a new winter parka, which I've needed for ages. The one I've been wearing is almost 10 years old, I realized. I'm not sure if I'll keep this new one, though-- it was a bit expensive and not on sale. Didn't I tell you I always try to shop the sales and end up buying the things that aren't discounted!?! Also I am not sure if this coat will be warm enough-- I didn't start overheating when I tried it on in the store, which is a bad sign. But this is the nice thing about having a balcony off one's apartment-- I can stand out there wearing my new coat with all its tags on to see if I get cold, and far fewer people will see me and think I look like an idiot.
But despite this frenzy of buying stuff, here's an odd thing-- though I gave my credit card a workout, I didn't spend a single penny of cash this past weekend. I ate all my meals at home, so no little purchases at delis, etc., which is quite unusual. Maybe I should start a "no-cash challenge," to see how many days I can go without spending cash. Or maybe I should graph my ratio of cash to credit card spending to see how it fluctuates throughout the year... oh the fun you can have!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you scored some awesome deals, and they're necessities since you have your're furnishing your new place!

Next month, beginning February 1, I am challenging myself to go a month without spending cash above and beyond what I need (groceries, rent, etc.). I already spend too much on frivolous items, I mean I go into CVS with the sole intention of buying tights for work ($6.99) but ALWAYS leave spending more than $40. THOSE TWIZZLERS WERE BOGO, and I just had to find out what Jen and Angelina had to say to each other in the latest US Weekly. I need to stop the insanity!

Askazombiehousewife said...

It's hard not to over spend.
I could not make a pillow and really need to learn how to sew. It cost the same to make or buy unless I would be doing something fancy.

You needed a new parka. Sometimes it’s better to have something nice that won’t fall apart then a sale item you didn’t want in the first place, but if it doesn’t make you feel good return it.

Maybe you could take two weeks off of shopping to refresh yourself as well.
I think we all get to points where we spend more than others.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Sound like the perfect time to pay a little visit to Reverend Billy!! (of the Church of Stop Shopping)


Anonymous said...

Yeah my challenge is to pay off debt before x-mas comes by again and also start spending less on groceries...well my half. I love to spend on food and not buying it off the street..the boogie down bronx chick

tropicsaver said...

This reminds me of when I moved into my first place. I spent months just trying to get it just right (also spent a pretty penny too). After a while, I just told my self no more spending and made it so I did not go into any home improvement or home furnishings stores.

Dawn said...

"More spendy spendy "

Are you quoting eddie izzard? "More sexy sexy"