Thursday, January 18, 2007


I am really slammed at my job lately... this time of year is always busy. When I think about what I make per hour, which works out to something around $50, or less than $40 if you take out taxes, sometimes it doesn't seem worth it. But would I pay $100 to get out of a deadly all-afternoon meeting? Maybe... but probably not. So does that mean I value my time and happiness less than my employer values my productivity?
I'll have to ponder that more sometime... when I have some time... which right now, I don't.
There is one upside to being this busy, though... I'm on my third day in a row of ordered-in lunches that I don't have to pay for!


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Financeguide101 said...

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Janet said...

That's an interesting thought about work/time/money.

I thought about the same thing myself being swamped at work. I make $16/hour, not including overtime. But I felt like all the overtime was taking away my free time to work on hobbies and getting better (I'm on week three of laryngitis).