Saturday, February 24, 2007

March Madness Contest

There's a fun contest going on over at Free Money Finance: a March Madness bracket-style competition that will have 64 personal finance blog posts going head to head, with one of them ultimately reigning supreme! Posts will be judged by these criteria, by FMF himself and the comments of readers:

1) practicality of the post
2) how interesting/provocative/unique it is
3) the "personal-ness" of it
4) its impact on net worth
If you want to enter, the deadline is 8am on Monday Feb. 26, so hurry up!

I'm hoping one of my submissions will make it... if so, if you liked any of these posts, head over to Free Money Finance to comment effusively and help me win!

Rule #11: See No Evil, Hear No Evil

How to Ask For a Raise

I Am Breaking All the Rules

Rule #13: Know Thyself

And even if my own posts don't make it, I'll be following the contest on a daily basis: the entries should provide excellent reading all around.

1 comment:

fakir005 said...

I do not know what you are talking about. There is nothing on your blog. You say the dead line for match Madness Contest was February 26, 2007. Where the hell did you get that date. The 65 teams were not announced until two days ago. You want people to help you win. There is nothing on your blog. What would people comment on. You have a finance company sponsor your blog. It must have lost its mind. There is nothing on your blog.