Friday, March 16, 2007

Mom Account

So far my mother's visit is going well, and not costing me too much money. I bought some extra food that has probably come to $30-40 so far. I've been buying gallons of bottled water since she doesn't like to drink from the tap, even when she's boiling it for coffee. She asked me to pick up some Claritin and Maalox pills that came to almost $30. And she herself hasn't spent any money because she just wanted to hang out in my apartment and rest rather than going out anywhere while I was at work. But this weekend she wants to go shopping.
When she first arrived, she thought my apartment was "tiny" but "cute" and "just right for your lifestyle." But now that she's had a full day there, she has lots of ideas for things I need, like mugs that match, and "colorful throws" for my couch. And at one point she said "Let's organize your closets!" My response to that was, first of all, my closets ARE relatively organized, other than having a few extra items in them that I haven't unpacked yet, because there's no place to put them yet. And I had told her already that I plan to install some closet organizer systems in the closets, so there's no point in reorganizing them until I have those set up. And I still need to get a power drill to be able to install them. And even once all that is taken care of, I think I'd rather organize my own closets, thank you very much!
It's funny, she is so opinionated about some things, but when I show her pictures of furniture I'm thinking of buying, she is very non-committal, just when I'd actually like a 2nd opinion! Oh well. I guess I've been making my own decisions about how I spend my money for a while now, and a visit from my mom is no reason to change that!


Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear the visit is going well overall. I also have the issue of my mom being opinionated on everything but what I want an opinion on. funny how it works out that way.

Denise Mall said...

I'm reading and just plain jealous. I wish I had a mom who wanted to be part of my life. I'm sure the opinoins would get old, but I would just like to talk to someone, who would love me no matter what.

Try to go easy on her. She just loves you soo much and wants everything perfect for you. Plus, being a mom is hard. We just don't know what to do.

Alyssa said...

Ah mothers and daughters....

My big tool tip for you is to get a good power drill - the corded version should cost under $50 for the kind of stuff you're doing. Unless you're making a career change and working in construction.

And if you make a list of the tools you might want to buy and can hold out until Father's day, you'll get lots and lots of deals.

Dawn said...

I love my power drill! I don't know why I didn't get it sooner, I always try to find ways I can use it.

My mother is the same way, though instead of asking, most of the time she just buys and shows up with it- however I have learned that she does some foreshadowing in the comments she makes, so I am learning to listen for that.

You could always post the couch pictures here, we always have an opinon!! {wink}