Thursday, April 05, 2007

Yesterday's News

Happy Birthday Bronx Chica! (which is actually today's news.)

Now for some items of interest from yesterday's New York Times:

It Didn't End Well Last Time
: an editorial noting that income inequality is at its worst since 1929

The Rich Are More Oblivious Than You and Me: another piece from the op-ed page, about the theory that rich people often do stupid, obnoxious things with no regard for others because

getting power causes people to focus so keenly on the potential rewards, like money, sex, public acclaim or an extra chocolate-chip cookie ... that they become oblivious to the people around them.
Backyard Pests? Think of Them As Dinner: now here's a way to save money! You can follow the example of one of my fellow Brooklynites by trapping squirrels and sparrows... and then cooking and eating them!

There was also a special section about big mergers and deals and hedge funds, etc.-- I wish I'd saved it as I can't find those articles online. One story compared salaries for investment banking jobs. Since I can't find the numbers to quote, suffice it to say that they were disgustingly large.
[Updated: thanks to the first commenter, I found the link to the article and graphic.]


Jess said...

Is this the section?

Madame X said...

Thanks DebtPhobic!

Anonymous said...

Bronx chica here...Thanks so much for the birthday shoutout! I'm having a wonderful 26th birthday and glad to know you from your blog! I'll be celebrating it more this weekend.