Thursday, May 03, 2007

Grossest Money-Saving Idea Ever

StyleyGeek left this comment on my first NZ vacation post:

I just wanted to comment on the swimming pool: NZ swimming pools might be cheap, but they have a bit of an "ick" factor. Lately Christchurch in particular has been having trouble with kids pooing in the pool: several times a day, in fact (apparently they do it because if the pool has to be closed for sanitation, they get a refund on their entry fee). I was just reading about it in one of the local papers. It's put me off going there for life!
Yuck! The pool I went to in Christchurch had crystal clear clean water, and fortunately, there were separate pools for kids and adult lap swimming. I wonder if they would have to close them both down...

But maybe I'll try pooping in the pool at my gym, to see if I can get a partial refund on my membership... there's one answer to the question "How do you know you've taken frugality too far?"


Rich Minx said...

Yes that's right, New Zealanders like to poop in public pools to get their $2 refund.

I'll believe it when I see a link to the article and chat to the underpaid Christchurch journalist who allegedly wrote it.

Anonymous said...

Pretty icky. I'd rather just put a fly in my soup.

StyleyGeek said...

Here's the link, Rich Minx. I don't know if the "alleged" journalist would be willing to chat to you or not, but it's Kamala Hayman at the Christchurch Press.