Monday, June 25, 2007

Money Music Movie

As I wrote in the previous post, I'd been listening to Björk a lot this weekend. I've been wanting to do another "money music" post, and I thought it would be pretty cool if I could somehow discover financial lessons in the lyrics of Björk. Well, I will try to tackle that, after I finish extracting money secrets from the lyrics of early Cocteau Twins albums.
In the meantime, I found it very interesting that the first thing that popped up when I googled "Björk money" was this:

I thought this was funny because when I saw Dancer in the Dark a few years ago, I HATED it, with the exception of the goofy song and dance routines with Catherine Deneuve cavorting around the factory, which were at least kind of fun. I am not usually that hard to please with movies-- I can't think of anything else I've seen in the last few years that I would say I hated. Perhaps the surroundings in which I watched the movie didn't help-- I was visiting my parents and rented it to watch with them. From the minute the opening credits began, my mother started asking "What is this? What are we looking at? What's happening?" as she often does with movies, which always makes me want to snap at her "how the hell do you think I'm supposed to know? I just got here too!" And my father just kind of snorted and gave up watching the movie after about 45 minutes at the most.
So I wish the British money-back guarantee had applied to US video rentals, as I certainly would have tried to take advantage of it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Madame X:

You should post more of music tastes. I love exploring artists I've never heard of. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree, Dancer in the Dark was one of the stupider movies I've seen. The scene with the train really bugged me, fortunately I can't remember too much else about it. But I'm not a big Bjork fan, so I chalked it up to that. (But I am a Cocteau Twins fan, so go figure!)
Janice, NYC