Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Free Shakespeare in the Park

... Sunset Park, that is...

Sunset Park is kind of a hidden gem that relatively few New Yorkers visit. It's a lovely spot, at the highest elevation in Brooklyn. And apparently you can see free Shakespeare plays there! Or at least I did the other day. And though I'm pretty sure it was Shakespeare, I couldn't tell for sure: this low-budget production was not amplified, so I couldn't hear more than a few words.

But if theater's not your thing, why not head to the swimming pool? It's free! I didn't get a photo of the pool itself, but it's a very large outdoor pool, with a pseudo-beach at one end. There was a line when I took this photo because the pool was just reopening after its 3-4pm close-down.

Of course views are free almost anywhere-- but there is nowhere else in New York where you can get these ones. The red arrow in this photo marks the distant Empire State Building:

And in this one, the red arrow marks the Statue of Liberty.

What a great place to spend a sunny Sunday...

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