Monday, July 02, 2007

June Expenses

Here's a quick dump of what I spent this month:

Business expense -678.39
--Finally submitted a lot of expenses for reimbursement!

Clothing 183.99

Dining 702.19
--This is baffling, as in general, I've been under budget on food lately, and I've hardly been eating out or ordering takeout at all! I did stock up on some frozen foods but I was still surprised that my food spending was so high this month. I did just realize, though, that this includes about $30 of liquor given as a gift, so that is something, at least!

Entertainment 5.41

Gifts Given 47.91

Laundry 43.15

New Home Decor 438.63
--I finished off a couple of projects around the house, but from here on I'm going to stop for a
while, really!

Household - Other 35.32

Medical 589.42
--I had to pay $100 for an emergency room visit a couple of months ago.

Misc 31.79

Payroll Taxes, Self 1,910.36

Internet Access 19.95

Magazines 23.88

Newspapers 39.60

Travel 76.00

Gas & Electric 28.87

Telephone 97.13

Housing 1810.00

Total Outflows 5,405.48

Net Inflows/Outflows 2,225.06

At least that's better than last month!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you are still stocking your new kitchen? I know when I moved into my new house I found myself purchasing more staples to fill my pantry and more condiments - I had used up and thrown out a lot in anticipation of the move.

Also, I had more room in my new kitchen and with the new storage I was more willing to splurge on items.

If it was not purchasing more, then your higher food cost is probably just a reflection of the higher food prices. The higher fuel prices and higher utility costs are finding their way into higher menu prices at resteraunts and higher prices on supermarket shelves.