Tuesday, July 03, 2007

NY Life

I had dinner with my friend Mortimer the other night. It was a cheap date-- we got take out tacos and ate them in Tompkins Square Park, where I hadn't been in ages. It used to be the kind of park you didn't really want to be in, but that area has gotten so gentrified that now all the drug dealers are apparently confined to just one corner of the park.

Mortimer is still settling into his new apartment, and one of his other friends recently visited there for the first time. This friend is a fairly wealthy Manhattanite, who was semi-seriously considering buying an apartment in Brooklyn as an investment and renting it out to Mortimer. But he wasn't all that impressed with where Mortimer lives now. Here's what he said about it:
"So... your building isn't as nice, you have fewer closets, and you live in a worse neighborhood... and you pay 30% more rent?!?!"
To which the only appropriate response is "Well, duh! This is New York City!"


Unknown said...

This is the best look so far. I love the three columns.

Anonymous said...

Bronx Chica...That friend made a rude comment! Or maybe he is jealous and really want to see it since it was only heard! Love the new 3 columns look!

Chance said...

Diggin' the new look, love the 3 columns. The friend is just plain ol' rude, but whatever -- non-New Yorkers never understand the premium paid for neighborhood.